Sonia Martin & Stephanie Manuel

March 2018

This month we caught up with a dynamic mother daughter duo, Sonia and Stephanie. These two are full of energy when it comes to working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Strong believers in a healthy mind, healthy body, you'll likely see them enjoying all areas of the CGC, but especially working out together in the Fitness Centre.

"If you can be anything in this world, be kind."
  • Where is your hometown?
Sonia - "My hometown is Halifax , NS, however I spent most of my life living in Dublin Ireland. I now reside in Bedford, NS."  Stephanie - "Bedford, Nova Scotia but I lived in Europe for over half of my life!"
  • What do you like about the CGC?
Sonia - "I love the environment at CGC in that it is bright, spacious, clean, open, airy and full of sunlight! The staff are very friendly, and I love that there are activities for the entire family. The fact I can watch my kids play in the pool while I workout on the elliptical is awesome! I also love the individual TV’s on the workout equipment."  Stephanie - "The thing I love the most about CGC is the huge variety of activities it offers to members. I love being able to mix my workout up whether I’m in the pool, on the Track, in the Fitness Centre, or at one of CGC’s classes! It’s a beautiful facility that has allowed me to create many memories with my family, friends and teammates. "
  • What motivates you to maintain an active lifestyle/why is fitness so important to you?
Sonia - " I am a big believer in healthy mind, healthy body. Exercising boosts my energy, mood and allows me to sleep better. It builds inner and outer strength, as well as confidence and character and I always feel good after a great workout!"  Stephanie - "Never has there ever been a workout that I didn’t leave feeling better than when I started! Regardless of my mood, being physically active never fails to make me feel better both mentally and physically. I love feeling exhausted after pushing myself and testing my limits."
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
Sonia - "I love spending time with my family and my friends. I love watching my three kids do their sports. Some might call me their biggest fan!"  Stephanie - "Besides going to the CGC, in my spare time, I love to hangout with my family and friends. I go to school out of province and it is always such a gift whenever I am able to see them. I am a bit of a nerd and love to study/watch/read about anything to do with my university major of psychology. I also love being outdoors, baking with my little sister and playing with my Maltese puppy, Mickey!"
  • What is your favourite workout routine/where in the CGC will we find you?
Sonia - "My favourite workout is a mixture of everything that can be found in the Fitness Centre.  My usual routine includes a mix of cardio, core, and weights. I love mixing things up so I don’t get bored."  Stephanie - "I love being a member of CGC because I really like to have variety in my workouts. You can find me in the pool, on the Track, in a yoga class, or somewhere in the Fitness Centre. Recently, I’ve found myself really enjoying spin class and biking!"
  • What is your favorite food or indulgence?
Sonia - "I can’t live without my lattes! Mexican food and anything spicy."  Stephanie - "I am OBSESSED with my mum’s omelettes. She packs them full with delicious ingredients like spinach, mushrooms, peppers, cheese, and cilantro and they are to die for! It’s always the first meal I look forward to after coming back home from school."
  • What is your favourite post-workout snack?
Sonia - "A protein bar."  Stephanie - "My go to is usually a banana and peanut butter."
    • What is your go-to workout song or what are you listening to right now?
    Sonia - "I listen to anything and everything as long as it has a good beat/rhythm and gets me pumped up to push through the sets."  Stephanie - "I find my music choices and workout songs change all the time. I can usually go about a week before feeling the need to find new music. When I’m exercising, anything upbeat is good."
    • What is your favorite quote?
    Sonia - "If you can be anything in this world, be kind. Imagine if kindness was practiced throughout the world, how different life would be!"  Stephanie - "My favourite quote is the same as my mums. If you can be anything, be kind! This is something I’ve grown up hearing almost everyday and it is truly a quote I try to live by. I think kindness is everything."
    • What is your current workout goal or accomplishment since starting at the CGC?
    Sonia - "Any workout is better than no workout. I try to challenge myself every workout and push through even when I’m feeling tired or not in the mood."  Stephanie - "My goal right now is to get better in the pool, on the track, and on the bike! My goal is to become a little better with every workout I do. I would love to try a triathlon in the near future!"
    • What was your first impression of the CGC?
    Sonia - "Such a beautiful, modern complex. We are truly blessed to have a facility like this in our community that benefits so many people."  Stephanie - "Oh my gosh a six lane 200m track. Is this a dream?!"
    • What is your favorite memory of the CGC?
    Sonia - "Watching Track Meets and Swim Meets."  Stephanie - "I don’t think that I could just pick one favourite memory. The CGC has allowed me to create so many awesome memories exercising with my friends, teammates and my family."
    • What do you wish other people knew about the CGC?
    Sonia & Stephanie - "There is quite literally something for everyone of every fitness level and age class! It is an extremely inclusive and supportive environment with staff that are dedicated and committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals."

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