Rain or shine, let us host your event or practice

We offer year-round access to the Field House – a 52,000 square foot open space with basketball, volleyball and badminton courts. Our spacious facility is a great venue to host sports tournaments and community events. In addition to the Field House, rental space is also available on our indoor, 200m 6 lane track, batting cage, competition pool, and studios.

Field House and Track Rental Rates

Half Court $48.00 per hour $38.00 per hour
1 Court (1/3 Field House) $86.00 per hour $68.00 per hour
2 Courts (2/3 Field House) $146.00 per hour $110.00 per hour
Full Field House $206.00 per hour $164.00 per hour
Track Lane $21.00 per hour $16.00 per hour
Long Jump Pit (includes Lane 6) $38.00 per hour $26.00 per hour
Starting Blocks Area $48.00 per hour $38.00 per hour
Full Track $120.00 per hour $100.00 per hour
  • Prime Time: Monday to Friday 4pm-10pm; Saturday and Sunday 7am-8pm.
  • Prices do not include tax.

Additional Rental Options

1 Swim Lane (Competition Pool) $15.00 per hour $15.00 per hour
Dryland Fitness Instructor (dryland space included) $65.00 per hour $65.00 per hour
Dance Studio $54.00 per hour $44.00 per hour
Fitness Studio $54.00 per hour $44.00 per hour
Batting Cage $60.00 per hour n/a
Pitching Machine (during batting cage rental) $15.00 per hour n/a
  • Prices do not include tax.

Rental Allocation Policy

Our peak season of facility activity runs from September through until the first part of May. During this time, private rental space is limited. To learn more about how we prioritize rentals requests, please read our Rental Allocation Policy.

Booking Inquiries and Rental Requests

Please complete and submit a Facility Booking Request Form or contact our Facility Rentals and Events Coordinator to discuss rental/event possibilities and availability.

Non-Profit Group Rental Fee Assistance

We offer rental fee assistance to non-profit groups through the Nova Scotia Department of Community, Culture & Heritage’s Facility Access Fund. <Find out more>