Sheila Margaret Bell

October 2014

Sheila Margaret has been a valuable part of the CGC community since we opened our doors in March 2011. As one of our founding members, Sheila Margaret enjoys using the pools, badminton courts and attending yoga and Zumba classes. "It's the perfect way to begin the day," says Sheila Margaret about coming in in the mornings to play badminton and swim laps. "With autumn arriving, I play badminton, followed by 30 to 40 lengths of the pool swimming breast stroke and backstroke. I am the original tortoise, not the hare, but I get there!" Sheila Margaret says as a senior, it's important for her to complete aerobic exercise, tone and build stamina through her activities. "I am enabling myself to retain fitness and flexibility, which impacts upon other activities such as Step Dancing and singing in choirs. The social aspect of meeting new people, making new friends with common interests is motivating as well"

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