Chris Meuse

April 2015

Chris Meuse suffered a seizure behind the wheel of his car in 2013. While in the hospital after the accident, the doctors found a brain tumour the size of a small apple. It took 20 hours in surgery to have 99% of the tumour removed, but it was successful and once out of the hospital and recovering, Chris knew it was time to make a change to his lifestyle. “Having lived a very unhealthy lifestyle for many years...consuming fast food and far too much alcohol, I was on a path of personal destruction.” Starting off this new chapter of life, Chris has changed his eating habits and increased his exercise routine, seeing a difference in his energy levels almost immediately. He was able to lose 48lbs and continues to work towards a healthier and happier version of himself. When attending the Centre as much as twice a day, Chris is inspired by other members and enjoys the social atmosphere. He uses his past in a positive way to help him and others live with purpose, joy and happiness. Chris's current motivation and focus is to remain healthy and share his journey towards healing and peace of mind. Read more about Chris and his journey through his blog.

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