Dr. Paul Whatling

November 2016

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Whatling often addresses the importance of exercise as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle with his own patients. "I continuously strive to be in the best physical shape I can be," shares Paul. Last April, Paul suffered a potentially devastating Achilles rupture and is still working his way through recovery with a commitment to training three times a week. His main motivation is to decrease his risk of future health problems, but also ensuring he has the ability to best serve his patients. “My recovery process has been made easier by the tremendous choice of equipment available at the CGC Fitness Centre. I love the fact that the CGC has a swimming pool, track, gym and field house all in the same building, on top of which there is access to many, many classes! Paul likes to balance his workouts, enjoys using the free weights and loves the satisfaction of achieving his personal best. "Whatever I feel like doing I can fit it all in here!” Outside of time spent achieving his own fitness goals, Paul coaches Field Hockey at Dalhousie and plays in the Halifax Soccer League. He also enjoys traveling and exploring as much as he can.

Thank you Dr. Whatling for your commitment to healthy active living!

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