All of our aquatic sport teams under one umbrella with opportunities to try them all.

The Canada Games Centre Swim Academy programming is designed to support Sport For Life’s Long-Term Development principles, including lifelong enjoyment of physical activity for every Canadian. 

CGCSA annual programs run annually from September to June and provide access to team training for two sports – swimming and lifesaving, as well as an aquatic multi-sport component. CGCSA offers annual program options for the following:

CGCSA annual program fees cover coaching; a training schedule which may include dryland, yoga, swimming, water polo and lifesaving sport training; equipment costs and Swim Nova Scotia fees. Also, all Swim Academy participants in annual programs receive a 12-month Canada Games Centre membership (except the Masters Swim Team program). Add-on membership options are available for family members of the CGCSA participant. Annual program participants can participate in dryland training at no additional fee. Details on dryland training will come in an email from the coach once registered.

CGCSA also offers seasonal programs:

About CGCSA Summer Swim Team Off-Season Training

Summer Swim Team is structured for those looking to compete in the summer who are not involved in year-round swim teams. All swimmers must meet Swim Nova Scotia summer swimmer eligibility requirements and are required to disclose any training and competitions outside of summer swimming at registration. The Summer Swim Team Off-Season Training focuses on proper technique, athletic integrity, and fair play in a positive and encouraging environment. Off-Season Training helps summer athletes maintain their skills and fitness throughout the rest of the year, in accordance with Swim Nova Scotia summer swimming regulations. Swimmers will also learn water polo, lifesaving and other aquatic sports in multi-sport practices. Although there are no competitions, unofficial time trials are held for athletes to practice racing and track their personal growth. Within each respective group, swimmers must be invited by a coach to move up to the next group regardless of age. This year we are offering three groups based on age, skill level and development.

  • Bronze | Ages 10-12 years
    Prerequisite: Swimmers must have completed swimmer 6. They must be able to swim 2 x 50 meters (with 30 seconds rest) of both freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke (back crawl), perform dolphin and whip kick, and dive into deep water. They should be able to maintain focus, follow coach’s instruction and perform poolside activation activities. All new swimmers 8-10 years old will begin in Bronze.
  • Silver | Ages 11-14 years
    Prerequisite: Before entering Silver, swimmers must be able to dive into the pool, swim all 4 strokes effectively and, swim 5-8 minutes continuously. They should be familiar with swim team
    structure, understand lane etiquette and practice structure, be able to follow warm up independently. They attempt all stroke turns and can carry out some activation activities independently. All new swimmers 13 years old will begin in Silver. Current swimmers must be invited by a coach to move up
  • Gold | Ages 13 years and up
    Prerequisite: Swimmers should have 1-2 years of swim team experience with competitions and be able to swim continuously for 10 minutes. They should have knowledge of pace times, the pace clock, and practice structure and be able to work independently from written set and warm up; swim all four strokes with turns from a dive start legally; and be able to complete poolside activation activities with minimal guidance to increase heart rate, mobilize key joints for swimming and strengthening activities and understand the purpose and value of these activities. Where swimmers over the age of 14 are entering competitive swimming, coaches will use their judgement to consider placing them in Gold. 200IM time: under 3:40, 200 freestyle: under 3:30.

About CGCSA Lifesaving Sport Team

Lifesaving Sport Team will introduce participants to the sport of lifesaving, while providing them with training opportunities to attend lifesaving competitions throughout the year. Specially trained Lifesaving Coaches will concentrate on developing each athlete’s strength, power, and endurance. Participants will also focus on swim technique and expanding their skills into other aquatic sports in a multisport practice. Lifesaving Sport Team participants register for the annual program.

  • For ages 8 and up
    Prerequisite: Completed Swimmer 8 or higher/Ranger or Star; have basic knowledge of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke; and feel comfortable in deep water, diving into the pool, swimming 10 minutes continuously and following coach’s directions

About CGCSA Masters Swim Team

Masters Swim Team promotes fun, fitness, health, fellowship and participation among adult swimmers, while also providing guidance and leadership in the direction, development and execution of programs for both noncompetitive and competitive adult swimmers. Masters swimming is based on regular training sessions using practice techniques similar to those used in swim programs all over the world, including flexibility, strength, and aerobic conditioning, and is a blend of recreational and fitness swimming for adults.

Prerequisites: Masters is open to adults 18 years and older who have at least a basic swimming ability and can comfortably swim 75 meters. No previous competitive background is necessary, and you do not have to compete as a Masters swimmer. The most important prerequisite for becoming involved with our program is the desire to learn and grow in a fun and stimulating environment

About CGCSA Introduction to Competitive Swimming

Introduction to Competitive Swimming is a seasonal program that allows swimmers to try competitive swimming and decide if it is a good fit for them. If swimmers enjoy the program and succeed, they may be invited to move into the Bronze Summer Swim team. Prerequisite: 8 years of age and up. Swimmers must have completed Swimmer 3, be able to swim 50 meters of Freestyle continuously, have never been on a swim team and have not taken this program before. See our program guide below for more details.

About CGCSA Summer Swim Team

Summer Swim Team is structured for those looking to compete over the summer who are not involved in year-round swim teams. All swimmers must meet summer swimmer eligibility requirements and are required to disclose any training and competitions outside of summer swimming at registration. Our Summer Swim Team focuses on proper technique, athletic integrity and fair play in a positive and encouraging environment. Swimmers will improve their skills and challenge themselves to excel to their full potential with the help of specialized training and expert swim coaching. Athletes on the CGCSA Summer Team will also participate in a fun social environment at practice, during competitions and at all team events.

The CGCSA Summer Team believes that respect, teamwork, fairness and learning are more important than winning. Success of CGCSA swimmers is not defined in terms of competitive rank but, rather its defined in terms of the personal development of each CGCSA swimmer.

Look for more details and registration information for this summer program in the CGC Summer Camps & Programs Guide each year.

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