How to Register for Canada Games Centre Swim Academy

Please note: All registration must be done in-person.

Annual Program Registration Information

The Canada Games Centre Swim Academy (CGCSA) offers annual programs for the following aquatic sport teams:

  • Year Round Swim Team
  • Lifesaving Sport Team
  • Water Polo Team
  • Summer Swim Team & Off-Season Training

Additional Registration Information

  • All bi-weekly payments for all Swim Academy Programs run from Sept-June.
  • All down payments for Swim Academy annual programs made before September 1st do not contribute to any membership payments prior to September 1st.
  • All Annual Swim Academy Programs receive a 12-month Canada Games Centre membership, active from September 1st, 2018 – August 31st, 2019.
  • Add-on membership options are available.

Annual Fees

Payment for the season may be made in full or spread over 20 bi-weekly installment payments with a down payment. Bi-weekly payments run from Sept – June.

Year Round Swim Team – Freshman 712100-FRESH $700.00 $31.85 $63.70
Year Round Swim Team – Sophomore 712100-SOPHO $1,000.00 $45.45 $90.90
Year Round Swim Team – Junior 712100-JUNIOR $1,250.00 $56.85 $113.70
Year Round Swim Team – Senior 712100-SENIOR $1,300.00 $59.10 $118.20
Lifesaving Sport Team 712310-LIFESAVEA $650.00 $29.55 $59.10
Summer Swim Team – Bronze 712200-BRONZE $700.00 $31.85 $63.70
Summer Swim Team – Silver 712200-SILVER $800.00 $36.40 $72.80
Summer Swim Team – Gold 712200-GOLD $800.00 $36.40 $72.80
Water Polo – Atom 712400-ATOM $700.00 $31.85 $63.70
Water Polo – Peewee 712400-PEEWEE $750.00 $34.10 $68.20
Water Polo – Bantam 712400-BANTAM $800.00 $36.40 $72.80

*prices include tax

Transfer Between Groups

Swimmers may be asked by their coach to be transferred to different groups within the Swim Academy. Under these circumstances, an appointment must be made with the Aquatics Program Coordinator.

The transferred membership will have the same contract expiry, terms and conditions as the original program agreement. Rates will be adjusted based on the new fees for the Swim Academy Program.

Seasonal Program Registration Information

Seasonal CGCSA programs are structured with four registrations throughout the year, but still provide access to training for all three sports – swimming, lifesaving and water polo. Register in-person for all four seasons or pick and choose.**

CGCSA offers seasonal program options for the following aquatic sport teams:

  • Lifesaving Sport Team
  • Intro to Water Polo
  • Summer Swim Team & Off-Season Training

**Seasonal programs do not include Canada Games Centre Membership or option for Dryland and Yoga training.

Seasonal Fees

Lifesaving Sport Team 712300-LIFESAVEA $250.00
Intro to Water Polo 712410 $60.00 Members
$80.00 Non-Members
Summer Swim Team – Bronze 712210-BRONZEWINTER $250.00
Summer Swim Team – Silver 712210-SILVERWINTER $250.00
Summer Swim Team – Gold 712210-GOLDWINTER $250.00

Annual & Seasonal Program Cancellation Policy

After program fee payment, there are no refunds. Should you change your mind about a registered program, Canada Games Centre will credit your account for the amount of the program up to 7 days before the program start date. This credit must be used towards the registration of another registered program or the initial set-up of membership dues. All changes must be completed in person at the Customer Service Desk. Any cancellations made after program start date will not receive a credit. The Canada Games Centre reserves the right to cancel any program or change session times and/or locations. Programs may be cancelled due to lack of registrants.

Automatic Renewal

CGC Memberships through the Swim Academy will not auto-renew.