Looking for that extra bit of motivation, or just something to jazz up your routine? We have another round of awesome Winter Fitness Programs that can help with that! Click on the Winter 2019 Program Guide below for class times and descriptions on these programs listed, as well as many more.

Grow My Yoga Practice | 6 weeks | February 25th-April 1st | Online registration code 430300
Adaptive Yoga | 6 weeks | February 21st-March 28th | Online registration code 430303
Stroller Circuit | 6 weeks | February 25th-April 1st | February 20th-March 27th | February 22nd-March 29th | Online registration code 430402
Aqua Yoga | 6 weeks | February 20th-March 27th | Online registration code 430313
Iron Circuit | 6 weeks | February 19th-March 26th | Online registration code 430503
Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Level 3 | 6 weeks | Online registration code 430538

Adaptive Pilates ADDED PROGRAM

4 weeks | March 4th-25th
Mondays, 1pm-2pm
Members $32, Non-Members $40 (plus tax)
Online registration code 430302
Location: 2nd Floor Fitness Studio

Can’t get on the floor? No problem! In this program we do a full body workout, focusing on the core, posture, and proper breathing to reap the benefits of Pilates exercises using a chair/wheelchair, wall and props. If injured soldiers can do this, so can you! The only difference between this and Pilates Level 1 is the use of the chair, bands, straps, and props to facilitate each exercise if you need it.

Express Barre Pilates Fusion NEW

6 weeks | February 25th-April 1st
Mondays, 8:05pm-8:35pm
Members $24, Non-Members $30 (plus tax)
Online registration code 430307
Location: 2nd Floor Fitness Studio
Prerequisite: Previous Pilates experience is required.

Enjoy your favorite program in smaller bites! Get in, get out, get it checked off your to-do list with this shorter, but not easier, 30-minute fitness program. Great for beginners or those coming back after being away. This is a fun, intense, and challenging program that blends Barre and Pilates for a total body toning and lengthening workout! We focus on proper Barre techniques as well as controlled Pilates form while breaking a sweat to upbeat music. Your legs and abs will burn in a good way and you will leave feeling strong and empowered! This course is led by a certified Stott Pilates Instructor.

Spring 2019 Program Guide


Online | February 19th, beginning at 8:00am
In-person | February 21st, beginning at 8:00am

Online | February 26th, beginning at 8:00am
In-person | March 5th, beginning at 8:00am

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Winter 2019 Program Guide

Winter Registration remains open until the second sessions begin.  

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