Kent and Sylvia

September 2023

Meet Kent and Sylvia, our September member profile! You'll find Kent and Sylvia in the Field House at least three times a week, front and centre, in their favourite class—Fit for Life. For them, being healthy and active isn't just about moving your body, but also about the time spent being social with other members at the CGC. They both talk about the friends they have made here, and how much they enjoy their coffee and tea once their workout is complete for the day!

"Seeing others actively engaged in physical activity inspires me to keep moving."
  • Where is your hometown?
Kent & Sylvia – "Halifax, NS"
  • What is your favourite workout routine or your current fitness goal?
Kent – "Fit for Life and Dance Fusion classes." Sylvia – "I enjoy the Fit For Life class."
  • What do you like about the CGC/where will we find you in the CGC?
Kent – "The CGC location is very convenient for the majority of my activities. Most of the time you will find me in the Field House in a fitness class." Syliva – "The location is great. You can find me in a fitness class." 
  • What is your go-to workout song or what are you listening to right now?
Kent – "When in a fitness class I like listening to music with a strong rhythmical beat. One of the songs I enjoy is Sugar Shack." Sylvia – "I have no favourite song. I enjoy all the music." 
  • What is your favourite post-workout snack?
Kent – "Coffee" Sylvia – "Tea" 
  • What is your favourite food or indulgence?
Kent – "DQ Blizzard" Sylvia – "Pasta" 
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
Kent – "Volunteer tutor, photography and music." Syliva – "Volunteer work and play piano." 
  • What is your favourite book/movie/TV show?
Sylvia – "The Big Bang Theory"
  • What motivates you to be active/why is fitness important to you?
Kent – "Physical fitness and an active lifestyle is very important in helping to maintain my overall health. Seeing others actively engaged in physical activity inspires me to keep moving." Sylvia – "I want to be healthy and maintain my weight."
  • What was your first impression of the CGC?
Kent – "The options open to me."
  • What is your favourite motivational quote?
Kent – "It will all work out okay”, an Icelandic phrase." Sylvia – "Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today." 
  • What do you wish other people knew about the CGC?
Kent – "That it is a welcoming facility supporting the physical activity needs of our community." 

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