Kate Walker

August 2016

Kate is a familiar face around the CGC having been employed as a lifeguard for two years while in high school. Now in her fourth year of Broadcast Journalism, she decided to stay active with our Student Summer Promotion to help her get ready for varsity sports. "I've been active all my life" says Kate who can be found enjoying the Fitness Centre, playing a game of basketball, running on the track or swimming in the pool. "My family has been very influential in my active lifestyle choices and I grew up playing sports but also being active as a family. We often spent time playing sports together, out on the hiking trails or going bike riding". Kate believes the CGC offers something for all ages and brings the community together, "I love the diversity of all the members". She’s a strong believer that “age is only a number” and hopes to stay healthy and fit no matter her age. Her current health and wellness goals include maintaining a balanced diet and continuing to be active at least five days a week. To help her refuel, Kate's favourite post-workout snack is berries with yogurt and in her spare time she loves the outdoors and can often be found on a dance floor. Travelling is also a passion of Kate's and she’s grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a year in Costa Rica where she enjoyed a new culture and learning Spanish. "Being active always puts me in a great mood and supports my “look good; feel good” mentality". 

Thanks for spending your summer with us Kate and good luck in university!

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