Nicole Power

September 2016

Gaining strength, endurance, flexibility and confidence are goals Nicole has set, and achieved, for herself over the past year. "I want to set a lifetime example for my three daughters" says Nicole, or Niki as most people know her around the CGC. In addition to her daughters, Niki's motivation for maintaining her healthy, active lifestyle are her girlfriends. "We laugh a lot in class and give each other encouragement", says Niki, who is a regular at Toughen Up, HIIT and Pumped.  She has noticed that her enthusiasm to fitness has improved her overall energy level, sleep patterns, mood and her confidence. What Niki loves most about the CGC is that it doesn’t seem to matter whether a member is an athlete, a person working to recover from a serious injury or illness or someone like her who is just trying to achieve and maintain a healthy an active lifestyle. "We are all treated with respect, encouragement and kindness by the CGC staff and other members.” Following her workout, Niki's favourite snack is a smoothie with fruit, almond milk, Greek yogurt and protein. She plans to continue to her fitness regime to lose weight and inches in order to look and feel great. When Niki isn't working hard in fitness classes, she spends time with her husband and daughters, designs jewelry and accessories, and loves to sew.

Thank you for sharing your laughter, energy and joy of fitness with us.

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