Karen Richards & Dave Reynolds

May 2020

Meet Karen Richards and Dave Reynolds, our May Member profile! Karen and Dave have been members at the CGC since we opened in 2011. Ask Dave what his very favourite thing to do at the Centre is, and you will get an enthusiastic PICKLEBALL! Both maintain a "healthy body, healthy mind" motto, and stay active to help make sure their health and wellness stay in great shape for years to come. They have been keeping active from home, with Karen being a regular at live classes through our May Fitness Challenge.

We both can't wait to get back to see our GYM friends in person!"
  • Where is your hometown?
Karen & Dave – "Halifax, Nova Scotia"
  • What do you like about the CGC?
Karen & Dave – "Convenience of location, social aspect."
  • What motivates you to maintain an active lifestyle/why is fitness so important to you?
Karen & Dave – "Staying healthy, especially as we age."
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
Karen – "We love to travel and stay active; indoor and outdoor sports." Dave – "PICKLEBALL!"
  • What is your favourite workout routine/where in the CGC will we find you?
Karen – "I can be found anywhere at CGC; fitness classes, weight room, yoga and even the pool!" Dave – "again, PICKLEBALL!"
  • What is your favourite food or indulgence?
Karen – "Bacon wrapped scallops." Dave – "Chocolate"
  • What is your favourite post-workout snack?
Karen & Dave – "Coffee."
    • What is your go-to workout song or what are you listening to right now?
    Karen & Dave – "Love listening to relaxation or spa music."
    • What is your favourite movie/book/TV show?
    Karen & Dave – "Coronation Street for both of us!"
    • What is your favourite quote?
    Karen & Dave – "Healthy body, healthy mind."
    • What is your current workout goal or proudest accomplishment since starting at the CGC?
    Karen & Dave – "To stay physically active and off medications as we age."
    • What was your first impression of the CGC?
    Karen & Dave – "Everything all under one roof, this is awesome!"
    • What do you wish other people knew about the CGC?
    Karen & Dave – "Such a social aspect, meeting new people, and  just seeing a friendly face means so much! Especially now during Covid, they even have online classes to join so you can still be part of the CGC family!"

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