Your greenlight to wellness

We want to accommodate everyone, and we’ve made every effort to ensure that we’re inclusive to our entire community. That’s why the CGC was designed with a barrier-free approach.

Parking lot and entrances

  • Automatic doors in both our front and side entrances
  • Ramps from parking lot in both front and side entrances
  • Designated parking spaces

Main and second floors

  • Adapted service station at Customer Service
  • Elevator conveniently located behind Customer Service to easily access second floor
  • Light switches, outlets, phones, counters, drinking fountains, and thermostats are placed at accessible heights
  • Wide, spacious hallways and walking areas
  • Wayfinding throughout the facility includes visual and non-visual guides (texture, Braille), which permits individuals with the ability to navigate and use the facility independently
  • Barrier-free washrooms

Aquatics Centre

  • Ramp access is available in our pools
  • Floor of competition pool can be raised to deck level, allowing easier entry to the water
  • Pool noodles, mats, lifejackets

Track, Field House and Fitness Centre

  • Our Track is open for wheelchair access