About Canada Games Centre Swim Academy

The Canada Games Centre Swim Academy (CGCSA) is a new approach to aquatic sports designed to develop the whole athlete and avoid pitfalls normally associated with over-training and early sport specialization. Each team within the CGCSA offers participants access to a variety of training opportunities, both in the water and on dry land, to help avoid injury and dropout while ultimately increasing overall enjoyment of physical activity for life.

CGCSA focuses on the following goals:

  • To develop lifelong fundamental movement & sport skills through exposure to different aquatic sports
  • To develop a deep respect for the tradition of teamwork, friendship, lifelong learning and athletic ability
  • To provide a safe atmosphere where youth can develop confidence, personal responsibility, positive self-image, a healthy body and an optimistic attitude towards life
  • To employ highly trained and qualified coaching staff who will strive to achieve program excellence
  • To teach the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment inherent in sport
  • To support and promote aquatic sport within the community, provincially and nationally

2022-2023 CGCSA Programs:

  • Lifesaving Sport Team
  • Summer Swim Team Off-Season Training
  • Masters Swim Team


CGCSA is built on the foundation of sport research regarding child/youth sport development, physical literacy, fundamental movement skills and Long Term Development (LTD) designed by Sport for Life (S4L) and supported by Sport Nova Scotia’s Get More From Sport.


For more information on physical literacy and the stages of LTD, visit our CGCSA Resources & Links page.

CGCSA Athlete/Parent Handbook

2022-2023 CGCSA Athlete/Parent Handbook