Devraj Sen

August 2015

Devraj was very active in sports such as tennis and cricket as a child growing up in his native country of India, but over the years had moved more towards a sedentary lifestyle. Joining the CGC and being part of a recreational centre was not only convenient for his family, but also the perfect way to kick-start the transition back to a more active lifestyle. The Fitness Centre is now his favorite spot, although he fondly remembers his first passion was yoga followed by time spent on the Track. Devraj finds the Fitness Centre atmosphere very supportive among the regulars and really appreciates the professionalism and willingness to help from the staff. His favourite workouts are leg workouts, which include squats, deadlifts, sprinting – and yes, even lunges – which he acknowledges, with a little laughter, all get easier with time. To help fuel his activities, his diet includes salmon, rice and lentils, roasted vegetables and fresh seasonal fruit. Devraj not only appreciates the natural light available throughout the facility, but also loves the diversity of the CGC community and admires how people of all ages are committing to a healthier life. He continues to push himself to new limits with a goal to maintain an active lifestyle while having fun. He admits he has self-doubt on occasion which he uses as a motivator to challenge himself to work even harder. “What motivates me is waking up each day feeling better and better about myself. I feel accomplished and love the example I’m providing my child”. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his very energetic little girl and considers himself a movie buff.

Thank you Devraj for being an awesome member of the CGC community!

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