Online Booking/Registration has changed!

Over the next couple months, the Canada Games Centre (CGC) is transitioning to a new software system. This change aligns CGC’s system with other recreation centres across the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) while continuing to provide you with exceptional CGC programs and services. The online experience, MyRec, allows you to search, book/register and manage your recreation activities and programs within one account, no matter which facility you choose.

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To find out more about this transition, please see the MyRec Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Book An Activity

Click on the “Create Account/Login” button to visit MyRec and log in to book your activity. Need help logging in or booking? See our MyRec How-To’s

Please note: Activity booking is completed on an individual basis in MyRec—i.e. each member of your family/group needs a unique email address and to log in separately to complete their activity booking process. See our MyRec How-To’s for How to Link Family Members to your MyRec Account for Booking Activities.

winter program guide cover with CGC building, snow covered trees, footprints, deerRegister For Programs

The easiest way to find the CGC programs you want in MyRec is to click on the program codes in our 2021 Winter Program Guide. Another option is to use the codes in the guide to search for programs in MyRec.

Fun Fact: Unlike booking an activity, registering for programs for your family/group can be completed in one MyRec account when you are all linked.

For help registering, please see How to Register for CGC Programs in our MyRec how-to’s document.

Winter 2021 Registration Dates

Online: November 24th, beginning at 8:00am
In-person: November 26th, beginning at 8:00am

Online: December 1st, beginning at 8:00am
In-person: December 3rd, beginning at 8:00am

Transition to MyRec FAQ


This how-to document contains the following how-to’s with screenshots:

  • How to How to Log in/Change Password for your MyRec Account
  • How to Add Payment Information to your MyRec Account
  • How to Link Family Members to your MyRec Account For Booking Activities
  • How to Create A New MyRec Account
  • How to Book a CGC Activity in MyRec
  • How to Cancel a CGC Activity in MyRec
  • How to Register for CGC Programs in MyRec


  • I’m a CGC Member, do I need to set up a MyRec account?

No, we’ve done that for you! To make the transition easier, we migrated all our members to the new system and set you up with a MyRec account using your email address on file. If you already had a MyRec account from registering for a program at another facility within HRM, we linked your CGC membership to your existing MyRec account.

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  • How do I log into MyRec to check/update my information?

To help you log into your account, we’ve created a how-to: View How-To’s

If you are having trouble logging in or need assistance accessing your account, please contact our Customer Service Team at 902.490.2400 ext. 7.

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  • I am a CGC Member, do I need to update my payment information in the new system?

Only CGC members paying bi-weekly with a credit card need to update their payment information with us. You can do this anytime online through your MyRec account, or stop by the Customer Service Desk with your credit card during facility hours. View How-To’s to update your payment information online.

If you are a CGC member on a paid-in-full membership, 1 month or 10 punch pass, or paying bi-weekly through EFT/banking, you do not need to update your payment information.

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  • I’m a CGC Member, does my MyRec account include my household/family members?

Yes. Most of the CGC member households with more than one member within were successfully grouped in MyRec. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check your account! If you do not see your family or add-on members within your group, we’ve created a how-to to help you add them: View How-To’s

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  • I’m not a CGC Member, but I will be booking activities/registering for programs online, do I need a MyRec account?

Yes. To book a CGC activity or register for a CGC program online, you will need a MyRec account. If you don’t already have one, we’ve created a how-to to help you create your account: View How-To’s

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  • My family members are not linked to my MyRec account, how do I add them?

Don’t worry, we can help! If you do not see your family or add-on members within your MyRec group, we’ve created a how-to to help you add them: View How-To’s

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  • If I book in the old system for the week of November 16th, do I need to rebook in MyRec?

No, you’re all set! We’re excited to see you for your booking that week!

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  • Why are the maximum participant numbers per activity so low in MyRec for the week of Nov. 16th?

Nice catch, you have an eye for detail! Because it’s possible to book up to 7 days in advance, many of the activities offered the week of November 16th are either already full or partially filled from registration in the old system. Rather than not show the time-slot of a full activity and have you worry it was missing in MyRec, or book beyond our capacity limits for partially filled activities, we found a way to display these activities without affecting the previous bookings. The true maximum participant numbers will display normally in MyRec as of Monday, November 23rd.

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  • How do I book a CGC activity in MyRec?/ How do I cancel a CGC activity in MyRec?

We’re glad you asked and created how-to’s for both of those. View How-To’s

Please note: Activity booking is completed on an individual basis –i.e. each member of your family/group will need a unique email address and log in separately to complete the activity booking process. Fortunately, we have a how-to for creating new MyRec accounts if required. View How-To’s

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  • How do I register for a CGC program in MyRec?

Great question! We have a how-to for that. It will be available online closer to our Winter 2021 program guide release mid-November.

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  • What happens to the CGC credit I have on my household?

Any existing CGC credits will be transferred to your MyRec account by November 17th. If you do not see your existing credit in your MyRec account after November 17th, please contact us at and we’d be happy to look into it for you.

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  • What if this FAQ doesn’t answer my question?

If our FAQ has not addressed your question, we’d be happy to help you. Please contact us at or call Customer Service at 902.490.2400 ext. 7.

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  • I’m having trouble logging into MyRec, can you help me?

Please note: MyRec works best with Google Chrome. If you are using a different internet browser, we suggest you open MyRec in Google Chrome.

If you’re having trouble logging into your MyRec account and are receiving a “The username and/or password you’ve provided is incorrect.” message, you can do a couple things:

  1. Double-check your email and password are spelled correctly. When we are excited to log in, we sometimes hit caps lock by accident or make a typo.
  2. Try a different email address. Many of us have more than one email address, your account could be linked to a different one of yours.
  3. If you’re sure of your email address but not your password, you can select reset password on the login screen. If this doesn’t work and you receive an “invalid email” message, please proceed to Step 4.
  4. Give us a call! We’d love to help you. You can reach our Customer Service team at 902.490.2400 ext. 7