Dan Jones

October 2015

Dan was diagnosed with stage 4 blood cancer 5 years ago. Taking an absence from his career, he decided to take an early retirement and work to change his lifestyle throughout the cancer treatments. Working with a Naturopath and various other eastern medicines, Dan changed his diet and was becoming healthier. He created a routine of filled with enough rest, exercise, proper diet and living in a stress free environment. Dan joined the CGC in 2011, and has stuck with a consistent workout routine three times a week. He makes use of the Fitness Centre and its various cardio equipment, and free weights. Dan loves the social atmosphere here at the CGC and he enjoys meeting new people and catching up with his friends. Dan can also be found volunteering with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Canada where he is a member of the Patient Education and Support Committee. As well, he volunteers for the Patty Kaufmann First Connection Program which provides assistance and education to newly diagnosed blood cancer patients. He finds it helpful to share his experience with other patients. Dan has been in remission for the past four years, and has been maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. His dedication to his fitness routine is something he hopes to stick closely to, as he is looking towards living a long healthy life. As he is gaining in strength and confidence, Dan hopes to one day try Pickleball and Yoga. In his spare time he enjoys playing hockey, curling and spending time with his family.

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