Michelle Mahoney

March 2016

Perseverance and the Canada Games Centre community motivate Michelle every day.  She has been off work for an extended period of time and feels that the CGC has saved her in the last few months. Spending three to four hours here each day, Michelle enjoys walking on the Track and taking part in many of the fitness classes including Zumba Gold and Shallow Aquafit. During these workouts, she not only works up a sweat but also catches up with friends she's made since becoming a member. Michelle is known to many around the Centre, and not just for sporting her beautiful red bathing cap."Everyone knows my name here" she says, "and the positive reinforcement from instructors, members and staff make me feel so good about myself." Michelle's future health and wellness goals are to continue to be as active as possible. "It’s funny, but in my spare time I enjoy coming to the gym." She loves the staff and is currently working with CGC Exercise Specialist Patrick MacInnis. Michelle has a disability called Arthrogryposis, a congenital condition in which people are born with stiff joints and weak muscles. "Patrick researched all about my condition before taking me on as a client, and I love that he took the time to prepare a program for me."

Thanks Michelle for always sharing your smile, positive attitude and for being part of the CGC family!


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