Every day the Canada Games Centre is humming with activity. Looking around at the diverse and dynamic community—from the very young to the young at heart, from the aspiring athlete to the Olympian/Paralympian—it’s hard not to feel motivated. Though we each have different reasons and goals that bring us to the CGC, it’s the collective dedication to healthy active living that creates the positive energy once inside.

This video series features CGC members and what healthy active living looks like for them.

A special thanks to Ama and Efua; John and Bea; Jennifer, Nathan, Ethan and Isabel; Strah and Sasa; and Bernie, for being a part of the CGC community and sharing your energy with us.

Together, we inspire healthy active living.

It Happens Here – Ama and Efua

Meet 10-year-old Ama and 13-year-old Efua, sisters, CGC members and Swim Academy teammates. Efua and Ama have been coming to the Canada Games Centre with their mom to swim for as long as they can remember. The time they spend training and playing at the CGC not only develops their skills and strength, but also their confidence. Both girls are proud to share how much they love swimming and how being next to each other in the pool encourages them to train just a little harder!

It Happens Here – John and Bea

Meet John and Bea, spouses and CGC members. For them, being active has never been solely about getting stronger and physically healthier, but also about the people they connect with while working out. After moving from their home in a community-oriented neighborhood, to an apartment building, they regained a sense of community at the CGC. While John and Bea may do different exercises as part of their daily routines, their goals are the same – keep active, look after their mental health, and enjoy time together with friends.

It Happens Here – Jennifer, Nathan, Ethan and Isabel

Meet the Guy Family. As parents, Jennifer and Nathan are inspired to live long healthy lives and lead by example for their children Ethan and Isabel. For Ethan and Isabel, it’s about having fun and spending time together as a family. Over the last six years, the Guy Family has found a second home at the CGC that meets everyone’s goals. From the After School program to swim lessons, open court times to fitness classes, they continue to play together in a way that maximizes family fun and fitness.

It Happens Here – Strah and Sasa

Meet Strah and Sasa, son and father, CGC members and friendly competitors. For Strah and Sasa, workouts are more than a way to stay in shape. They use the variety of activities at the CGC to stick to their fitness goals, engage in healthy competition, and catch up as father and son. For the duo, staying active together is more motivating and fun than exercising solo.

It Happens Here – Bernie

Meet Bernie, a dedicated CGC member. The very idea of being sedentary and unhealthy is enough to keep him active. With a focus on mobility and circulation, Bernie’s workouts are less about work and more about feeling good – even when upside down. He also manages to lighten his mood and the moods of those around him with a shared laugh or two. It’s hard not to smile and feel inspired when Bernie’s at the CGC.