Gerald, Nicole and Faryn Crosby

February 2015

The Crosby’s are a committed family striving to live an active life. The parents, Nicole and Gerald have been attending the Centre for almost a year and have seen so much improvement in their lives and more importantly in the life of their daughter, Faryn. The family utilizes most areas of the facility especially the Child Minding and preschool. Nicole loves being able to do everything in one place, and knows that her daughter is being taken care of and enjoying her time. “We love seeing how happy the Centre makes [Faryn], she wants to go to Child Minding or preschool every day… the front desk knows her by name and she loves that!” Through attending the Centre, Nicole has lost 85lbs, and Gerald has lost 50lbs. The two come to the centre at least 4-5 days a week to continue to knock the weight off and maintain a healthy life. Gerald says that “it isn't only the weight lost, but the strength gained.” Previously, Nicole had a fear of water and was unable to swim; now she is enrolled in the Adult 1 Intro Swim class. Her confidence has grown as she is overcoming her fears and gaining strength. This confidence reaches to Faryn as well, “her social skills have been improving since going to the Centre… she [is being] prepared for a structured and social environment, which CGC has provided.” When asked what motivates them, Nicole reflects that this is the best she’s felt in her life and wants to keep moving forward. She wants to be healthy and active with Faryn and her family. Gerald finds his motivation in his wife, “she pushes me, I push her.”

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