Mayu Creelman

July 2015

Since becoming a member two years ago, Mayu has found lots of things to love about the CGC. From the unique and engaging personalities of the instructors, to the friendliness of the staff and overall cleanliness of the facility. Mayu spends most of her time attending fitness classes, Zumba and Yoga among her favorites. She recently attended both Cardio Combat and HIIT for the first time so she is very willing to try new things. She would love to move within walking distance of the CGC so she could enjoy her “home away from home” even more. Mayu relocated to Halifax from Japan nearly 7 years ago and initially joined the CGC so that she could have some “me time.” This quickly grew into “family time” as her three children became involved with several CGC programs. The CGC has become a place her entire family enjoys. Mayu is proud to share she has lost 10 pounds and feels great. She is happy with her diet and still gets to enjoy her coffee every morning. Her success and satisfaction has inspired several of her friends to take the next step in living healthier lives.

Thank you Mayu for your commitment to health & wellness!

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