Jen Tobin

June 2016

Having grown up in the Halifax area, Jen Tobin remembers the ground breaking ceremony and excitement when the doors first opened at the Centre in 2011. She's been very active in the pool and Aquafit classes, which are her favourite since becoming a member in 2012. “The people who participate in the Aquafit classes are like family” says Jen, who also notes that these "family" members won't hesitate to point out when you've missed a class! While Aquafit class is where she spends her time currently, her fitness goals include adding classes like Zumba Gold and Yoga into her routine as well. “I do not have to be an elite athlete to go here” Jen says when remarking on the comfortable multi-sport environment of the Centre. She loves the cleanliness, the friendly and helpful staff and the instructors who “encourage you to do things at your own pace, so it makes for a very accepting atmosphere”. Before heading out to her workouts, Jen is busy sharing her bright outlook on the day ahead with friends and family on social media. This motivating and positive attitude certainly carries over to the Centre when she arrives. In her spare time, Jen likes to read, travel, watch the popular TV shows and go for long walks.

A big thank you Jen for always being such a positive member!

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