Sherry Guye

June 2015

Despite the fact that she has limited mobility due to Cerebral Palsy, Sherry Guye is determined more than ever to continue living a healthy lifestyle. She was told that in order for her bad knees to get better, she had to lose around 50 pounds. Since then, Sherry has successfully lost over 50 pounds by exercising regularly and eating healthier. She loves that the machines in the Fitness Centre are similar to the ones she used at the rehab facility, so it's not surprising to see her up there getting in her daily workout. It's also not uncommon to spot her in the Aquatics Centre on the same day, for not only is the CGC convenient for Sherry, but also for her daughter who is a member of the CGC Summer Swim Team. Even in less than desirable weather, Sherry tries to brave the elements to get to the Centre for her workout. She said she is consistent with her efforts to live a healthy lifestyle because of the motivation from her daughter, the accessibility of the CGC and the welcoming and caring environment here.

Sherry, you're a true inspiration and we're so happy to have you as a member!

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