Sandra & Jerry Kelly

December 2014

Sandra Kelly became a member in September 2013 and she enjoyed it so much that it didn’t take long for Jerry Kelly to follow suit. With their goal to stay healthy, fit and active, the Kellys use almost every aspect of the facility. Sandra attends Tuesday and Thursday Zumba classes as well as yoga. “The instructors motivate me,” says Sandra, “They taught me to dance like no one’s watching and have shown me how to challenge myself to do things I never thought possible!” Jerry enjoys working out in the Fitness Centre, using weights and the various machines as well as stretching exercises. Then he often heads over to the Track for a jog or to the Field House for a game of pickleball. Jerry and Sandra really like the atmosphere at the CGC, the young and old coming together with the same goal of staying healthy. They also find our staff friendly and helpful, and love all the choices of activities offered!

Congratulations Sandra and Jerry Kelly on being December's Member Profile!

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