Team Training

Athleticism is the foundation of all sports specific training. We offer sports specific training for emerging, college, elite, and recreational level athletes. A sports performance assessment is just the beginning of your sports performance experience.

Dryland Team Training Sessions

All dryland team training session for emerging and elite athletes are tailored to meet the energetics and movement demands specific to their sport. The session includes a sport specific fitness assessment.

1 Dryland Training Session: $110*
(minimum of 5 athletes, maximum 20 athletes)
*Taxes not included in pricing

Team Training Package

Train the whole athlete:

8 Dryland Training Sessions (60 minutes each)
Work with one of our qualified Exercise Specialists to have your team perform better together and individually.

2 Nutrition Sessions (60 minutes each)
Meet with our Professional Dietician (candidate) and discuss pre/post-game nutrition and fueling your body.

1 Yoga Practice (60 minutes)
One of our certified yoga instructors will lead your team in a calming yoga practice.

1 Mindfulness and Meditation Session (60 minutes)
Join our Fitness & Wellness Coordinator and learn ways to focus your mind, lessen stress and take your mental game to the next level.

Package Rate: $1,200*
(minimum 5 athletes, maximum 20 athletes)
*Taxes not included in pricing.

To book your Dryland Team Training or Team Training Package, contact Amber Allan, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator at 902.490.2249

Alanna Bray-Lougheed, Community Nutrition Specialist at CGC since September 2022

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Education: Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Mount Saint Vincent University

Favourite Post-Workout Snack: Banana blueberry smoothie

Fitness Super Power: To be able to jump super high!

Alanna’s Fitness Bucket List: Running a marathon

Marc-André Manuel, Strength and Conditioning Coach at CGC since August 2022

Hometown: Hanwell, NB

Education: Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKIN), University of New Brunswick (UNB)
CKA Affiliated Kinesiologist

Favourite Post-Workout Snack: Peanut butter and banana smoothie

Fitness Super Power: Super-Adaptation – having the ability to quickly adapt to training and not lose it over time

Marc’s Fitness Bucket List: Doing a proper handstand – just to see if I can do it!

Shane Mailman, Strength and Conditioning Coach at CGC since October 2021

Hometown: Halifax, NS

Education: Personal Training Specialist, canfitpro
Children’s Fitness Coach Certified, canfitpro
Flash Reflex (FRX) Training, Blazepod

Favourite Post-Workout Snack: Chocolate—any kind

Fitness Super Power: As a trainer—the ability to see the future and pass it on to others. If you could see your results at the start, I’m sure everyone would be a lot more motivated!

Shane’s Fitness Bucket List: Wide grip pull ups—I envy people who look so cool doing them when I can only do one. My goal is to be able to do 10!