Stronger, Fitter, Faster—Let’s Be Better Together

Fitness Centre etiquette, friendly reminders and staying connected!

April 30, 2024

Welcome to the Fitness Centre!

Whether you walked in together or not, you’ve got a Fitness Centre full of workout buddies. Here are a few tips to ensure everyone has the best experience possible when using the Fitness Centre:

  • Bring your membership card to scan at the Fitness Centre Desk or show your stamp. Don’t share your membership card;
  • Members must be 14 years old, and Guests must be 18 years old to use the Fitness Centre – ID will be requested;
  • Ask CGC staff for equipment behind the Fitness Desk;
  • Gym bags and personal items are not permitted in the Fitness Centre. Bring a lock and secure your locker before exiting the change rooms;
  • No open-toed shoes, open-backed shoes, boots, sandals, or casual shoes are allowed;
  • Wipe down all equipment after use;
  • Be respectful of others waiting to use the same equipment. Take your rest time away from the benches and equipment when possible;
  • Allow access to equipment; share the space in front of the racks and the mirrors;
  • Don’t drop weights. If you must, because of the exercise (like deadlifts), use the anti-vibration mats;
  • Weights/plates—if you’re strong enough to lift them, you’re strong enough to put them back;
  • You look great! —but wait to take that selfie when no one’s in the background (and definitely not in the change rooms/washrooms!)

Please take the time to review the posted Safety Standards, our User Code of Conduct, age and electronic policies, and other rules and regulations and don’t forget, be kind and patient with yourself and others!

    Staying Connected

    We use a variety of ways inside and outside of the facility to keep you informed and up-to-date on everything CGC:

    • Website | The best source for CGC information, especially our schedules and program guides. You’ll also find important notices, program registration and much more.
    • E-Newsletter | Receive our monthly newsletter full of great information right to your inbox. Sign up here!
    • Social Media | Stay engaged with us at your leisure, follow us on Facebook (Canada Games Centre Halifax) and X (formerly Twitter) (@CdaGamesCentre).
    • Digital Monitors | There are seven monitors around the Centre which cycle through upcoming programs, reminders, events and other news.
    • Notice Boards | Located near the change rooms, you’ll find the latest in Aquatics, Recreation and Fitness (including schedules). Notice boards are also located in the Fitness Centre and on the Track.

    Together, we inspire healthy active living!

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