Gate Etiquette 101

How to use the CGC gates smoothly!

March 28, 2024

How do the gates/membership cards work?

Our scanners can be a little picky! If you are having trouble using your membership card to get through the gates:

  • Scan the CGC membership barcode face down
  • Lay card flat on the scanner
  • Wait for the beep and gate to open; if card doesn’t beep when scanned go to Customer Service
  • Enter the gate one person at a time; each member must scan their own card to use the facility

    If you’re still not able to get through, not to worry! Please see our Gate Monitor or Customer Service staff at the desk to confirm your membership and they will let you in.

    Entering and Exiting

    • Please avoid pushing on the gates; the gates will open and close on their own
    • To exit the facility, simply walk into the gate area and the door sensor will open the gates for you automatically

    Not mandatory, but way more fun – a smile and/or a greeting as you pass through the gates is always welcomed and appreciated.

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