Happy New Year! Let’s Make It a Healthy One

January 6, 2021

A new year. It brings with it a feeling of optimism and renewed motivation, a chance to start anew and reset. Whether you subscribe to setting New Year’s resolutions or not, take advantage of the extra motivation to recommit to a healthier version of yourself. And we can help you do just that.

Being part of a motivated, inspiring and positive community committed to healthy active living is exactly what we want to share with you. A place where we can come together with our individual fitness and health goals and collectively feel better – mind, body and soul. To do that, we all need to stay healthy by continuing to follow Public Health measures. Below is a reminder of how together we can provide the safest space possible for the physical and mental health of our community.

Must be worn within the facility when not performing exercise. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • When moving to different equipment/cardio machines within the Fitness Centre and Track;
  • While waiting on the bench for your turn to play basketball, badminton or pickleball;
  • Walking to and from your lane within the Aquatics Centre and Track or marked fitness class square;
  • When going to refill your water bottle;
  • While in the change rooms, washrooms and hallways;
  • While talking to staff and other members/visitors.

Social Distancing

  • Maintain social distancing of 2m/6ft or 3m/10ft during high intensity workouts.
  • Enter the building through the side entrance, follow the directional arrows, and exit through the front doors of the building.

Good Hygiene and Health

  • Perform frequent and thorough handwashing, use hand sanitizer and wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Stay home when sick and follow the latest Public Health information.


  • All activities currently require booking. Love it or hate it, booking guarantees your space and helps you stay on track with your workout goals. We encourage you to book online instead of in-person, but we’ll be happy to help you either way.
  • Please don’t arrive any earlier than 10mins before your booked activity.

For change room and activity specific protocols, schedules and more, visit the Amenities & Activities page in the Facility Reopening section of our website.

Thank you to all our members and visitors for helping keep our facility safe by following protocols, and for continuing to inspire healthy active living together! We’re looking forward to a great 2021 with you.

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