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CGC Exercise Specialists

January 22, 2016


With the New Year comes a sense of starting fresh, especially around our health. But achieving your fitness goals can be more of a reality than just an annual tradition of setting them. It’s about finding the right support and program to keep you motivated and having fun – just ask our fitness family.

Ashley, Caroline, Malachi, Mike and Melanie are our passionate crew of certified Exercise Specialists, genuinely excited about what you want to accomplish health-wise and ready to help you get there. Each with a vast set of skills, interests and certifications, the hardest part of your resolution might be deciding who’s your favourite.

Malachi is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with an established sports performance background, including working with the Halifax Mooseheads. Outside of personal training, he’s interested in the brain, stand-up comedy and cooking. If you’re looking for sports specific workouts, Malachi’s your guy.

Ashley is a spin and older adult fitness instructor and has aquatic leadership certifications. Her lively spirit and passion for group exercise is so infectious, you can’t help but stay motivated. When not instructing, Ashley enjoys great food, listening to vinyls and backpacking. This world traveler can help you climb mountains; no matter the size.

Caroline’s dedication to proper technique and sparkling personality are hard to resist. She will not only design you a custom program, but also ensure your workouts are done safely for maximum results. Caroline, who is passionate about rock climbing, will be able to take your fitness goals to new heights.

Mike, our latest addition to the team, is a certified lifeguard, personal trainer and coach. He volunteers as a firefighter and loves dining at local restaurants. His exercise and sports background is extensive in and out of the water and can help you fight through any challenge.

Melanie lives and breathes fitness, and always finds ways to keep training interesting and effective. With over 11 years in the industry, her certifications allow her to train any age and ability, while tailoring a program especially to you. Just when you think you can’t do something, Melanie’s might (and great sense of humour) will give you the strength to surprise yourself.

Now that you’ve met our fitness family, they want to meet you! Call 902.490.2580 or stop by the Centre to book a free meet and greet and find out who’s the best fit for you.

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