Universal Change Room Now Open!

Accessible and Inclusive Upgrades

October 19, 2022

The renovations to the former Family Change Room are complete and the Universal Change Room is now open. This project allowed us to upgrade the space to be even more accessible and inclusive.

  • All the change stalls, washroom stalls, and shower stalls have been upgraded for a gender neutral space, including the accessible stalls.
  • New sinks, countertop, and hand/hair dryers at varying heights add more accessibility.
  • All the lockers were replaced with ones better suited to a wet environment.
  • Accessible door push buttons have been upgraded to high low push plates for more ease of use.
  • The dedicated accessible change room (with the transfer lift and height adjustable adult change table) now has an emergency button with audio and visual signal.
  • New higher contrast wayfinding signage features pictograms to indicate the amenities available within the change room. This improves visibility and helps reduce language and literacy barriers.
  • New lighting, new tiles, fresh paint…oh my!

The temporary universal change rooms set up for the renovations have reverted back to the Womens Dry and Mens Dry change rooms and no longer have access to the Aquatics Centre. To access the pool deck, please use the Universal Change Room or wet change rooms.

Thank you to our members and guests for your patience during this work. We hope you’re as excited about the Universal Change Room as we are!

Gender Neutral Washroom pictogram

Gender Neutral Washroom

Shower pictogram


Change Room Pictogram

Change Room

Accessible Space pictogram

Accessible Space

Height Adjustable Adult Change Table pictogram

Height Adjustable Adult Change Table

Universal Change Room Rules & Regulations

  • This is a gender neutral and inclusive change room. It is available to all ages and the most accessible of the change rooms.
  • Clothing is required in locker areas / no nudity in shared spaces.
  • Please be mindful of how much time you occupy stalls / showers, others may be waiting to use them.
  • All lockers are for day use only. Make sure to lock-up and do not leave items in the change stalls. The CGC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Please be scent aware, others may be sensitive to scented products.
  • All patrons must shower with soap before entering the pool.
  • Change room must be empty no later than 15 minutes after closing time.
  • Use of cell phones and camera enabled devices is strictly prohibited in the change rooms.
  • No food, beverages or breakable items permitted.

Facility Supervision

  • Children ages 7 years old or younger must remain within arms’ reach of a parent or guardian (18+ years) at a ratio of 1 adult to 2 children.
  • Youth ages 8-11 years old must have a parent or guardian stay in the building.
  • User Code of Conduct must be followed by all patrons.

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