Parking at the CGC

Making sense of CGC Member/User parking & Lacewood Terminal

August 27, 2015

With the opening of the new Halifax Transit Lacewood Terminal next door, it means the Canada Games Centre has become even more convenient for many of our members, users and staff. The terminal has been designed with a passenger drop-off/pick-up area located at the back of our Side Lot, but not with dedicated parking. With this in mind, we’ve taken steps (and counted them!) to make sure our members and users have priority parking.

Front and Side Parking Lots – CGC Parking Only

  • These lots are designated for Canada Games Centre User parking only and now have ample signage indicating as much.
  • Security will be on-hand to help direct transit riders to park in the Upper Lot, where their vehicles will not be ticketed/towed, and where they can feel good about adding at least 650 steps to their exercise routine. (…That’s right we counted the steps with a pedometer and then cross referenced with a map and the average number of steps in a km. We also did that for CGC members & users who park in the Upper Lot… you’d add at least 300 steps to your workout!)

Upper Lot – Additional CGC Parking, but okay for Transit Rider Vehicles

  • Our Side Lot leads into another lot – the Upper Lot. This area can be used for additional CGC parking, during tournaments for example, but is also okay for transit rider vehicles. Please keep in mind though that parking is limited and that none of our lots allow for overnight parking.

As the terminal activity increases with the back to school/back to work time of year, we will continue to monitor our parking lots to assess whether any additional measures are needed.

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