New Gates Are Coming!

UPDATED (May 16th) Renovation Project Begins April 8th, 2019

March 20, 2019

May 16th Renovation Project Update

Work on the new Customer Service Desk area is moving along, however delayed delivery of the physical gates system has pushed back our projected timeframe. The re-opening of the gates system and Customer Service Desk is now expected to take place the week of June 10th. Thank you to all our members and guests for your understanding as we complete the project!

Our turnstiles are tired. Physically worn out from at least 8 million rotations (and then some!) since we opened. There’s no denying it, they’ve had a good run and have been a part of so many health and fitness journeys. So, it is with great gratitude that we are officially retiring them this spring.

Starting on April 8th, 2019, construction on our gate system and Customer Service Desk will begin. We are upgrading to a more user friendly gate model and tweaking the layout slightly to improve security and flow. We are also taking advantage of this construction time to make some modifications to the Customer Service Desk area, to improve workstations and add a small seating area for members and guests.

Rendering of new gates layout - two entry gates, two exit gates

Rendering of the new gates and Customer Service Desk layout.

Gunnebo SpeedStile FL gate with glass panels

Example of Gunnebo SpeedStile FL gate.

The whole project is estimated to take seven weeks, and will include the installation of four Gunnebo SpeedStile FL gates, which use a tap method for cards instead of swiping for access. During this time, we want to ensure you’re able to keep up with your healthy active routines, so aside from one prep day on Monday, April 8th, CGC will remain open throughout the project. We kindly ask that you bear with us and mind the mess while we clear out the existing turnstiles, install the new ones and update our Customer Service Desk area. The current Customer Service Desk will be temporarily relocated in the main hallway, changing the way we are used to entering for activities. With this in mind, please allow yourself a little extra time to get to your workouts, classes, and programs.

In summary:

  • Monday, April 8th, 2019 Canada Games Centre facility is closed. This is to allow for the dismantling, relocation and reassembly of our current Customer Service Desk in the mainstreet hallway.
  • Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 — Canada Games Centre facility reopens for regular hours, and construction on the existing turnstiles and Customer Service Desk area begins.
  • UPDATED: Estimated time to complete the renovations is 10 weeks — Finishing approximately by the week of June 10th.
  • The noisiest work completed overnight — But, like any construction project, there will be some disruption and mess during CGC’s operating hours.
  • Please allow yourself extra time to get to your workouts, classes and programs — The temporary Customer Service Desk setup will be an adjustment for everyone.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this project and can’t wait for the new gates. If you’d like to thank or reminisce with our hardworking turnstiles, be sure to do so before April 8th!

If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to ask staff onsite, or email us at

Note to Monday program participants:

For anyone registered in a program originally scheduled to run on Monday, April 8th, be sure to check your inboxes for an email from our programming team.

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