Healthy Holidays

Enjoy the holidays guilt-free with these 4 easy tips

December 19, 2017

November first, the day the Halloween candy is marked down, and the Christmas chocolates arrive in stores. This is the first sign the holiday season is approaching. Thoughtful colleagues, customers and friends share their appreciation for you with home-made treats and store-bought goodies. It is a wonderful time of year which is celebrated and enjoyed by many. From parties with colleagues to family gatherings, the holiday season may create unnecessary anxiety for those trying to achieve and sustain weight-loss efforts.

Is it possible to get through the holidays without the weight gain? Of course! Please read my following tips for a healthy, and happy, holiday season.

Survey the scene: The more variety there is, the more we will eat.

  • Tip — At holiday gatherings where food is plentiful, first survey your options. Get a healthy start by filling half of your plate with vegetables and fruits, then sample only those rich foods you really desire. The more rich foods you take, the smaller the portion should be. 

Add activity: Do not let the holiday season give you a reason to quit your activity routine.

  • Tip — Travelling? Throw a resistance band into your suitcase and bring your walking shoes. Find out what activity you will be able to do in the location you are visiting. Love the pool? Look for a punch card at the local facility. Visiting family? Be active with them. Contact an Exercise Specialist for some ideas on how to keep active over the holidays.

No thank-you is a perfectly acceptable answer. 

  • Tip — When others pressure you to have second helpings or eat more than you need to feel satisfied, let them know that you’ve had enough. If they persist, tell them that you will let them know if you change your mind. 

Treat yourself, within reason: The holiday season is a special time of year which should be enjoyed. 

  • Tip — Allow yourself to partake in guilt-free indulgences, in a reasonable portion that leaves you feeling satisfied, not stuffed.

Apply these tips this season and you will be on your way to a happy and healthy holiday.

Merry Fitness & Healthy Holidays!

Article written by Melissa Quirk, Exercise Specialist & Registered Dietitian. 

Melissa joined the CGC team in October 2017 as an Exercise Specialist and Registered Dietitian. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition with honours from Mount Saint Vincent University. She is a Certified Exercise Physiologist from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and a Nordic Pole Walking Instructor. She enjoys travelling, playing with dogs, exploring nature, and spending time with her family.

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