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Getting to know Olympian Genevieve Orton

Canoe-Kayak-Sprint, Rio 2016

August 26, 2016

Genevieve Orton’s first experience with sport was at age 3 when she needed to be rescued after she blew down the lake in a kayak. Following this experience, she spent time as a gymnast before going back to paddling at age 16. Her dream to be an Olympian started when she watched the games for the first time on TV as athletes competed in the 1992 Barcelona games.

With that dream in mind, we would like to congratulate Genny on making it to the finals in both of her events at the Rio 2016 Olympics, placing 8th in the A Final of the K4 500m and 5th in the B Final of the K2 500m. Way to go Genny!

We had a chance to connect with Genny before she left for Rio and here’s what she shared with us:

“It means so much to me as both an Olympic athlete and a Mom to have access to the fantastic facilities at the CGC. My little family alone is a great example of the wide range of people that benefit from the Centre every day. In one morning, I can take my toddler for a swim then train at an Olympic level in the gym while my husband cross-trains the next generation of Canada’s national canoe/kayak team on the track upstairs…it truly has something for everyone!”

Genny notes the CGC facilities are beautifully maintained and of a calibre that allows high performance athletes to have everything they need to succeed. “My goal is to work hard and work smart, keeping in mind the ways the gym workouts will help me achieve my paddling goals of now performing at my best at the Olympics”. Genny has always dreamed of racing at the Olympics and keeps that at the forefront of her mind during each training session to keep motivated. The fantastic training group and coaches at CSCA are her sources of daily motivation and inspiration. Genny shared that whoever decided that chocolate milk and beef jerky were great for a post-workout recovery snack is her personal hero. Below Genny is pictured with her daughter Annika during a send-off to the Olympics.


Genny’s favourite motto: Do what makes you happy.

Notable International Results
  • ICF World Championships: 2015 – 8th (K-2 2oom); 2014 – 9th (K-2 1o00m), 10th(K-2 200m), 11th (K-1 4x200m relay); 2011 – 15th (K-4 500m); 2010 – 13th (K-4 500m); 2009 – BRONZE (K-1 4x200m relay), 8th (K-4 500m)
  • Pan American Championships: 2016 – GOLD (K-2 500m)
Read here for more on Genny’s Olympic journey.

Featured image courtesy of Canoe Photography by Zsuzanna & Balint Vekassy.

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