CGC Swim Academy Brings the Summer Heat

Summer Swim Team & Lifesaving Sport Team Recap

September 30, 2019

Summer Provincial Championships

The CGC Swim Academy Summer Swim Team made a big splash at the 2019 Nova Scotia Provincial Championships. In an exciting wrap up to this summer season, the team placed 5th overall at the meet, held in Bridgewater on August 16th-18th. 26 CGCSA members competed at Provincials, and helped bring home 55 medals and 42 provincial ribbons. In addition, the following 10 CGCSA athletes were invited to be on the All Star team that will be representing Nova Scotia at a swim meet in the upcoming months:

  • Alfred Lai
  • Alex Wang
  • Ben Wang
  • Faith Yao
  • Abby Melvin
  • Neil Wang
  • Cora Johnson
  • Macguire Burke
  • Oliver Patriquin
  • Emmy Guye

Congratulations to all the swimmers, coaches and parents on such a fantastic season! Follow the link for a recap and full results.

Lifesaving Sport Competitions

The CGCSA Lifesaving Sport Team took Rissers Beach by storm to compete in the Nova Scotia Junior Lifeguard Games on August 10th, and the Lifesaving Sport Summer Series Round 4 on August 11th. Some members of CCGSA then went on to compete for Nova Scotia at the 2019 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships held at Martinique Beach and Rainbow Haven Beach on August 23rd-25th. Lifesaving Sport is an international athletic activity, recognized by both the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation, that showcases skills in lifesaving, swimming, throwing, running, and paddling races; it is unique in that it is the only sport whose skills were first learned for humanitarian purposes. To this day, lifesaving sport continues to support the Lifesaving Society in its mission of drowning prevention through the promotion of competition.

Nova Scotia Junior Lifeguard Games—August 10th, 2019

Ben Wang, Yves Desaulniers and Cohen Raimondo swept the Boys 7-9 100m Board race event in the Junior Lifeguard Games. The Board race event consists of competitors racing into the water where they launch their boards and paddle a marked course, with a return to the beach and race across the finish line. The event requires strong paddling skills in a body of water that can be unpredictable.

Lifesaving Sport Summer Series Round 4—August 11th, 2019

Continuing with a successful weekend of competition, CGCSA put their stamp on the Lifesaving Sport Summer Series with a strong showing during Round 4. So strong in fact, that CGCSA is the overall winner of the 2019 Summer Series. To help clinch the win, the CGCSA team had a great turn out for all four rounds, with many competitors taking top spots in multiple events. The following events were part of the series – 100m Beach Sprint, 100m Board Race, 100m Surf Swim, 100m Beach Flags, and 100m Wading Race.

Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships—August 23rd-25th, 2019

Lifesaving Sport Teams across the country descended on Martinique Beach and Rainbow Haven Beach on August 23rd-25th to compete head to head during the 2019 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships. Team Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service raced their way to national champions after dominating both the women’s and men’s scoreboards. A big shout-out to CGCSA athletes and staff who competed as part of Nova Scotia’s championship team — Scott Day, Olivier Blais, Alasdair Clarke, Kyle Yoo, Amelia White, Ava Heart, Hannah Reid, Wendy Sanajko, Sam Julian, Chelsea Beaulies, Jake Hines, Adriana Cowan, and head coach Chris Hanlon. This is the 4th year Nova Scotia won; they also took the championship title in 2013, 2015, and 2017.  Congratulations Team Nova Scotia!

For full results of all the Lifesaving Sport events, click here.

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