Three Cheers for Camp!

2023 Summer Camp Highlights

September 29, 2023

Summer of 2023 at the CGC was filled with movement and laughter, especially for over 1400 kids in summer camps! While each camp had many structured activities built into the daily schedule in keeping with the camp’s theme, all camps enjoyed a daily dip in the pools and lots of fresh air outdoors (weather permitting). During the months of July and August, CGC campers were very active, but also enjoyed visits by special guests.

Aspiring Artists camp spent time with local artist Emma Jordan, learning new art techniques and exploring many different kinds of art media. When engaged in art projects, the camp rooms were buzzing with creativity. From perler bead objects, paper bag monsters and crazy paper plate masks, to abstract and negative space art, many unique and colourful pieces were created—which surely secured a prominent spot on the fridge at home.

Mad Science of the Maritimes dropped into the Spectacular Science camps over the summer to give 3 different shows. The first was Solid, Liquid, Gas which consisted of many different experiments using dry ice (and the kids loved it!) and an introduction to the three states of matter. The second show was called Let’s Get Chemical where they discussed the periodic table of elements and talked about the indictors of physical versus chemical changes. The third show was called Invisible Forces. During this show, campers learned the difference between conductors and insulators and did a few experiments using metal and water as ways to conduct electricity.

The Clean Foundation gave Carbon Nation, Water Ways and Characters of Change presentations to Earth & Space Adventures, Spectacular Science, Water Blast, and Youth Leadership camps. Topics discussed included renewable energy sources, the many different ways water moves in the natural world and how to keep it clean, as well as the inspiration and actions needed to encourage positive environmental change.

In All Sorts of Sports camp, Rugby Nova Scotia introduced the sport of Rugby to campers in a fun and engaging way. Through a series of beginner friendly drills, techniques, and ball control exercises, Coach Remi created excitement and confidence among campers resulting in rave reviews.

While each camp had a lot of fun throughout and around the CGC, there were still a few all-time favourite activities:

  • Outdoor slip and slide
  • Inflatable obstacle course
  • Swimming (including water slides and diving boards)
  • Dodgeball between the kids and counsellors
  • Science experiments like bottle rockets, marshmallow structure, and exploding bags
  • Tie dye activities and water balloons

All in all, CGC’s Spectacular Science, Outdoor Explorers, and Water Blast camps were definitely among the kids’ highly rated camps this summer. Thanks for a great summer, we look forward to another action-packed one in 2024!


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