Program-Access-Card_webimageOne card for all your CGC programs!

Non-members registered in our fee based programs will receive this red card the first time they register.

  • Get access up to 30 mins before and during your registered program
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Forgot your Program Access Card?
    No problem – check in at our Customer Service Desk to validate your registration in the program.
  • Already have this card from registering in a previous programming session?
    Great! It’ll reload itself with your new programs automatically. Just remember to bring it with you on the program start date and there’s no need to check in.
  • Are you a CGC member?
    Simply continue to use your membership card.

The fine print:

  • Cards are handed out at the time of in-person registration or can be picked up prior to or on the program start date (provided you don’t already have one).
  • Once children under 12 have scanned their Program Access Card the Gate Monitor/or Customer Service Staff will buzz the adult through the gate. If additional parents/guardians/spectators arrive after the participant has gained access, they are asked to check-in with our Customer Service Desk to verify their child’s registration in the program, and then they will also be let in through the access gate.
  • Even though an adult is not required to accompany program participants 12 years and older, we understand that many may still wish to watch their child during their session. These individuals may access the facility at the same time as the card holder, but adults will not be granted entrance if they arrive after the program participant swipes their card and enters the facility.
  • There is a fee of $2 (plus tax) for lost Program Access Cards. Replacement fees can be paid using cash, debit/credit or household credits. Please note after the third time you’ve forgotten your card you’ll be required to purchase a replacement.