• Aquatics Centre Schedule Changes | December 15th

    We're excited to be the host venue for the upcoming Masters Swim Meet on Saturday, December 15th from 4pm-9pm in the full Competition Pool. Please note our Member Only Swim and $3 Swim will be in the Leisure Pool for this night only. See the Aquatics Schedule and event listing for all the details. Thank you for your understanding. Good luck to all the Masters swimmers!

  • December 16th | 3pm-5pm Atlantis Synchro Holiday Demo in Competition Pool

    Atlantis Synchro's Holiday Demo performance is taking place in the full Competition Pool on Sunday, December 16th from 3pm to 5pm. Swim times in the Competition Pool will be available from 7am-3pm (Lane Swim), 5pm-6pm & 9pm-10pm (Lane & Open Swim). Please see the full Aquatics Schedule for swim times in the Leisure Pool.

  • Track Schedule Changes | October-December

    Friendly Reminder: Our full Track is booked for Competitive Track Club Training on these days through to December Tuesdays, 8:30pm-10pm | Thursdays, 8pm-10pm | Saturdays, 10:30am-12:30pm | Sundays, 8pm-10pm. Thank you for your understanding.


Square Roots Monthly Produce Pick-Up

Jun 23–24, 2018

61 Glenforest Drive, Unit 1

Square Roots aims to reduce food waste and food insecurity in Nova Scotia. Since November 2016, Square Roots prevented over 35,000 lbs of produce from being composted by bringing it to various communities in our province in an effort to make healthy food more accessible and affordable.

The next Square Roots produce pick-up is happening:

  • Saturday, June 23rd from 2pm-4:30pm
  • Sunday, June 24th from 3pm-5pm

Location is at 61 Glenforest Drive, Unit 1

The produce in the bundles are items that were rejected by grocery stores because of looks and looks alone. It is perfectly healthy and fresh, straight from the farm. A 10-pound bundle of fresh, local produce is just $10 or $5 if that’s more affordable. We also offer a member ship option that guarantees a bundle for you and a bundle for a family in need in our community.

To reserve your bundle or to learn more, visit the Square Roots websiteFacebook or Instagram.

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