2016 Yonex Canadian Masters Badminton Championships

Apr 10–16, 2016

26 Thomas Raddall Drive

Halifax 2016 will provide a memorable experience for years to come! 

Over 200 mature athletes from around the world will compete in this international competition. Competitors’ skill levels range from beginners to former Olympians and everything in between. Halifax was chosen based on the strong representation of Nova Scotian athletes involved in badminton and the continued effort by Badminton Canada to preserve and promote this wonderful sport in the East.

From April 10th to 16th, we will be the host venue for the 2016 Yonex Canadian Masters Badminton Championships in the full Field House from 8am-7pm daily.

Watch as participants lift, clear and smash their way through six days of badminton competition at the Canada Games Centre. For more information on this event, or to view volunteer opportunities during the week, visit the 2016 Halifax Canadian Masters website.

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