Happy Birthday CGC!

Thank you for celebrating with us on Saturday, March 5th for our birthday party! Over 500 community friends joined us during our free admission plus our members who took the time to stop by and visit our booth. Turning Five was so much fun – we really enjoyed having a few laughs, eating cake and taking photos with you – see our Facebook Birthday album.

As our white board stated that day, we are not getting older, we are just getting better….because of you!

Congratulations to our members who won a new annual membership in our random draw:

  • Youth | Ramez Michail
  • Young Professional | Shayna Dube
  • Adult | Katherine Finnan
  • Senior | Raymond Ells
  • Family | Joan Foren

For all our staff who were here when the doors opened March 5th, 2011, started before opening day or throughout the first month, thank you for giving your all to inspire our community and make the Canada Games Centre who we are today:

  • Carla Alderson
  • Kenny Boudreau
  • Tracy Cipryk
  • John Doyle
  • Adam Fahie
  • Ryan Fahie
  • Christina Fitzpatrick
  • Gary Furlong
  • Emma Galsworthy
  • Tina Giorgis
  • Scott Keeling
  • Sahil Khanna
  • Jacqueline Kline
  • Amanda Layton-Malone
  • Alessandro LoPresti
  • Francisco Lorenzo
  • Brent MacRae
  • Cara McCallum
  • Cynthia McGrath
  • Jerry McKenna
  • Aaron Meilnick
  • Mallory Newman
  • Jacob Pilon
  • Jolena Rafuse
  • Sue Jean Siedel
  • Liudmilla Soroka
  • Olivia Taylor
  • Edward Walsh
  • Julian Zou

…and all the staff who have joined the team since that day! We love inspiring healthy, active living together.

Here’s to many more years of passion, leadership and teamwork. We couldn’t have done it without you!