You Make it Happen – Karolina’s Story

“Enough is enough” Karolina thought to herself as she saw the number on the scale. That number made her realize that she needed to change her lifestyle. She didn’t want to stay on that path so she chose to head in a different direction; a direction that led her to a healthier version of herself at 130lbs lighter and counting.

“… and there’s no way that I could see myself going back.”

It started with a Zumba class. Starting off at the back, she was nervous about working out. But as her weight started to drop, she began to move around the room and soon found herself at the front of the class. “For someone who went from almost zero exercise… Zumba is the best introduction…the exercise is disguised in fun dancing.” As Karolina’s courage, confidence and self-esteem increased, she began exploring other forms of exercise at the Canada Games Centre. “I started going into to the Fitness Centre and taught myself all of the circuit machines…Then I started getting into free weights and learning the benefits of those.”  The elliptical machines also helped build up Karolina’s stamina and she was eventually able to start running on the Track.

With the help of the CGC, Karolina was able to set and surpass her goals. “I always wanted to be a runner… and as that year was coming up, I had become that runner that I wanted to be.” Karolina’s running turned into completing The Bluenose Half Marathon.

All of her physical milestones didn’t come without challenges. Juggling life, school and fitness wasn’t easy for Karolina. For half a semester, she was unable to maintain her exercise routines. Seeing the benefits of consistently working out Karolina made every effort to fit in Zumba. Having found something that she enjoyed, Karolina found it easier to get back on track. “It took me a year… it was a long year… a really good year… but I did lose 130lbs…and there’s no way that I could see myself going back.”