You Make It Happen – Briand’s Story

“We all struggle with trying to stay in shape and sticking to an exercise program,” says Briand Gaudet, Canada Games Centre (CGC) member since 2011. So what’s his secret to staying motivated? Teenagers, diving, and lifting groceries.

“I don’t want to be one of those dads who can’t do anything.”

From a young age to adulthood, Briand’s been an active guy and could often be found swimming, diving or lifting weights, but as he got older and the demands on his time grew, it seemed harder to keep it up. “You start to work, relationships start up and kids come along, and let’s face it – you’re tired…In my case, I let it slide.” Now in his 40’s, Briand finds renewed incentive in keeping up with his teenage kids. “They’re very active and very fit…I don’t want to be one of those dads who can’t do anything. That is a huge motivator for me.”

Avoiding injury is also very important to Briand. “There’s nothing that infuriates me more than hurting myself doing regular everyday stuff.” He’s talking about shoveling snow and lifting groceries. “You have to push your body beyond that, [or] what will end up happening is your body will adapt to where that’s all you can do. So that extra thing that happens, a slip on the ice…and your body will fail you.”

To keep his workouts challenging and prepare him for whatever life throws at him, Briand uses all areas of the Centre. “If you bring cross-training into your workout schedule, you’re going to strengthen different parts of your body…and you’re going to be a healthier person overall.” For Briand, cross-training also helped him rediscover an activity he really enjoys and can incorporate into his routine.

“If I let myself, I would dive all day.”

“If there’s something you’re good at, then you tend to follow it up and [diving] has become my reward for working out. It is like going to an amusement park, [but] there is also quite a bit of discipline involved in it.” The technical precision and physical strength required for each dive really appeals to Briand and allows him to continually set new goals. “If I let myself, I would dive all day.”

Before the CGC, Briand used to have to visit other facilities separate from his gym to get his swimming and diving fix. “I used to pay a membership at a gym and on top of that pay to go and swim at different places…Exercise is hard enough, without having to schedule your life around when your gym is available…the CGC solves that.”