Youth Fitness Class Descriptions

Drop-in Fitness Classes for Kids (ages 6-10) & Youth (ages 10-13) – free for members or covered by day pass fees!

Descriptions are listed below; click here to see the schedule for all Youth Fitness drop-in classes.

Kids Fit — Dance

Bring a friend or two and come dance your cares away! This 45-minute class allows you to try a variety of dance moves and light choreography inspired by Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Bollywood and much more!

Kids Fit — Sport

Focus on variety in this class. Sport and functional movement skills are introduced, with different themes. Everything from rolling to throwing, jumping and kicking will be broken down into easy to learn fundamental movement patterns for children.

Kids Fit — Spry

Using obstacle courses, games and movements that require fine-motor control, this makes for a fun class aimed at improving agility and body awareness in your developing kiddos.

Kids Fit — Yoga (For Ages 6-11)

Learn and practice yoga in a playful atmosphere. Kids are introduced to new ways to move, breathe and relax. Sing- alongs, stories and animal names make yoga accessible for children

Youth Fit — Sport

|This cross-training fitness class will focus on exposing youth to a variety of movement skills. Expect to try cardiovascular conditioning, speed training, agility and reaction drills designed to enhance power and anaerobic-stamina.

Youth Fit — Spry

Using circuits and practicing movements that require fine-motor control skills makes for a fun class aimed at improving agility and body awareness in maturing youth.

Youth Fit — Strength (For Ages 12-16)

Learn the best technique to move safely as you build strength and endurance. This class will incorporate bodyweight and light resistance to build strong foundations for weight training and sports.