Fitness Class Descriptions

Athletic Step

Basic to intermediate step workout combined with athletic movement training for great cardio and muscle conditioning.

Cardio Combat

A rigorous, high intensity aerobic workout using proper form of knees, punches and kicks that can help burn fat fast, sharpen reflexes, and improve circulation, stamina, endurance and coordination.

Cardio Core Aquafit

High level aerobic workout in shallow water to challenge your cardiovascular system, build muscle tone and improve overall fitness.

CGC Walking Club

Nordic poles and instruction available to help you lose weight, improve posture, lower the risk of type two diabetes, and improve cardiovascular health. Track your progress, meet others and stay motivated and active for life.

Combo Aquafit

Moderate to high level aerobic shallow and deep water workout. Challenge your cardiovascular system and core with travelling and build muscle and tone during the strength section to improve your overall fitness.


Get ready for a core workout that will challenge your fitness level. Tone and define your abdominal muscles, improve posture, and strengthen your lower back and glutes.

NEW! Core Integration

Drop in before or after your workout for a 30-minute lesson with Personal Trainer Logan. This class will challenge you with a focus on stability, strength and the integration of your core in a variety of compound movements. Class is limited to 10 people.

Dance Fusion/Dance Express

Dance-based fitness class – Including a fusion of Zumba, Hip Hop, Urban Funk and Soul. This class gives people permission and space to be authentic and dance their own dance!

Deep Aquafit

Aerobic deep water workout to challenge your cardiovascular system, tone muscles and improve overall fitness.

Fit for Life

Get energized and conditioned for life. A full body conditioning class for the older adult or those with some limitations.

Forever Strong

Our certified instructor will lead you through an hour of cardiovascular, balance and muscle conditioning. Class is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Gentle Aquafit

An ideal activity for relieving stiffness and arthritis pain using warm water exercise. This class will help improve posture, balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and joint movement leading to a healthier lifestyle.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will leave you breathless. Incorporate muscular strength, power, and cardio intervals in this fast paced class. Multi-level instruction is given so everyone can have the workout best suited for them.


A unique stationary bike class where you pedal while immersed up to your waist in the water. Bikes are adjustable to allow for a wide variety of users. Water shoes reqired. Sign-in up to 90mins in advance at the Customer Service Desk.


A barbell workout designed to strengthen all of your major muscle groups in an inspiring and invigorating setting. This class gets back to basics using traditional moves to deliver great results.

Rest & Relaxation

Stop by for a quiet place to rest, reflect, relax and recharge. A 10-minute guided meditation will play at noon. This is non-supervised, but mats and chairs are provided.

Shallow Aquafit

Challenge your cardiovascular system, tone muscles & improve overall fitness in a shallow water aerobic workout.


Drop in and spin, work up a sweat, and have some fun! This class takes you through a spinning routine to get your legs moving and your heart pumping. Feel free to go at your own pace.

Spin Gold

Whether you are new to spin or an experienced spinner, join our certified instructors for a 45-minute ride – designed for the older adult.


Stop counting the reps and start training to the beat. STRONG combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move.

Tai Chi

Join Bil and Wai Kam as they guide us through gentle, low impact movements with proven health benefits, such as improved balance and coordination, increased muscle tone and reduced stress. Class is suitable for all ages and abilities.


Balance mind and body through a yoga practice designed for those new to yoga to those more advanced. The focus is on deep awareness and correct postural alignment. Leave this class feeling less stressed, and more balanced.


ZUMBA® is a fusion of Latin, international and popular music/dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body with easy to follow dance steps.


ZUMBA® GOLD modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active, older participant as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.