With the gradual reopening of the facility that began on June 22nd, 2020, we know there are many questions about membership. We’ve included some details below to help answer them.

Stage 3 | Begins August 31st

  • Extended Facility Hours: Monday – Friday 6am-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 7am-7pm*
    *Dedicated hour for seniors and immunocompromised no longer available
  • Member and Non-Member Access via Memberships and Day Passes**
    **Regular memberships reinstated and bi-weekly payments resume (FAQ included below)
  • Booking online or in-person for all activities – 7 days in advance; can book more than one time slot/day
  • Capacity increased in Fitness Centre (55) & Track (50) as per Public Health limits and social distancing
  • Basketball changes to 6 per net / 3 on 3 play
  • Addition of 75min evening time slots in Fitness Centre, Pod Swims for members, table tennis, and modified After School Program
  • More Fitness Classes and Aquafit per week – schedule coming soon!
  • Screening questions required during booking and before entry
  • Masks required while inside the facility except when exercising; hand sanitizer and staying healthy reminders (handwashing, social distancing, etc.) located throughout the facility
  • Separate entrances and exits for users
  • Change Room access will remain restricted; Aquatics Centre activities only
  • Ongoing disinfecting, scheduled cleaning periods between times slots and nightly deep cleans continue

Stage 3 Membership FAQ

If you have any additional questions about your membership, please do not hesitate to contact us at membership@canadagamescentre.ca or 902.490.2291.

Stage 3: I already requested a longer hold on my membership when the CGC reopened, do I have to do anything else right now?

No. If your membership is on hold because you have already spoken with one of our Membership team you are frozen without payments until the date they have indicated with you. If you would like to extend that date further, please contact us again at membership@canadagamescentre.ca or by calling 902-490-2291.

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Stage 3: I want to cancel my membership and rejoin when I feel more comfortable, what are my options?

If you wish to cancel, please email membership@canadagamescentre.ca or call 902-490-2291 and speak with our Membership team.

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Stage 3: Will I be charged a cancellation fee for cancelling my membership?

Anyone who cancels before September 30th, 2020 will not be charged a cancellation fee. As of October 1st, normal cancellation rates will apply.

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Stage 3: I’m still not ready to come back but I don’t want to cancel what should I do?

The CGC can extend your membership hold until December 31st, 2020. Payments will not begin until January 2021 for bi-weekly memberships. Pre-paid memberships and 10 Punch Passes will include an extension on your expiry date for the time it was on hold. Please contact us at membership@canadagamescentre.ca or 902-490-2291 before September 30th, 2020 to request an extension on your membership hold.

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Stage 3: My Membership or 10 Punch Pass has expired since March 17th, 2020. Can it be extended so I can use it now?

Yes. All Paid In Full Memberships (annual, 6-month, 1-month) and 10 Punch Passes (with punches remaining) have been extended by 24 weeks to reflect the length of time they were on hold. If you would like to know your new expiry date, please call our Customer Service Team at 902-490-2400 ext. 7 and they would be happy to tell you.

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