Online Booking

As we reopen the facility, the safest way to manage capacity, enhanced cleaning and current Public Health protocols is through online booking of all available activities. It also enables members to guarantee their workout time.

When creating our activity booking time slots, we considered things like dedicated time for seniors and immunocompromised individuals; square footage of each area as it relates to social distancing; staggering start times to reduce the number of people in hallways at any given time, and adequate time for cleaning between time slots. As we reopen, we’ll continue to monitor our booking strategy and use your feedback to help update our procedures where needed.

About Booking

  • All activities in Press Play Stage 1 require booking online.
  • Activities can be booked as early as three (3) days in advance until one (1) hour prior to its start time, provided the time-slot is still available.
  • Online booking is only available for current annual and six-month members.
    • Members must be 14 years of age or older to book activities in the Fitness Centre, and at least 12 years old to book activities in other areas.
  • Only one (1) activity time-slot booking per member per day. This is to give more members the chance to access the facility in Stage 1.
  • 8am-9am activity time-slots are only available for senior/immunocompromised members. For any immunocompromised members interested in booking during this time, please contact us at or 902.490.2291 and we will set up your account for this booking feature.
  • Members who do not show up for their bookings more than twice in a 2-week period will be unable to book for 7 days. 

How To Book An Activity

View How-To Book Online with screenshots (Desktop PC/Mac) / (Mobile/Tablet), OR follow the desktop directions below. If you need additional help, please call 902.490.2400 ext. 7, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm; Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm. Please note we are closed July 1st, and booking support will not be available that day.

  1. Visit our online registration site:
  2. Sign in to your online account under Member Login.
    • Forgot your username or never registered online before? Click here.
    • Forgot your password? Click here.
    • Emails for username and password reset are sent from Add this email to your contact list, so it doesn’t end up in your junk folder.
  1. Once signed in, choose an activity type from the menu.
  2. Next select the time from the Search Results listed by clicking the calendar icon.
  3. From the calendar select the day you would like then select Add to Cart.
  4. Select the member attending the activity.
  5. Complete the questions and select Continue.
  6. Confirm your shopping cart then click Proceed to Checkout.
  7. Your transaction is complete. Your confirmation receipt is sent to the email listed.

Attending Your Activity

  • Members are required to line-up outside the facility, in the designated waiting area, prior to their booking start time. Physical distancing requirements for waiting will be marked. 
  • Members will not have access to the facility any earlier than 10mins prior to their activity start time. Late entry to fitness classes is not permitted.
  • Come ready to play: Arrive dressed for your workout, bring a full water bottle with you and leave your valuables and bags at home. No access to change rooms, water fountains, cubbies, or lockers in Stage 1.
  • Please bring your membership card with you. You will need it for access.
  • Masks can be worn, but are not recommended during physical activity.
  • Please follow staff directions and safety protocols while inside the facility. Practice social distancing of 2m (6ft), good hand washing and respiratory hygiene at all times. Stay home if you are feeling unwell.
  • Be kind and patient with everyone. Pace yourself as you return to physical activity.
  • At the end of an activity time-slot, all members booked for that time slot must exit the facility, regardless of the time they entered.

How To Cancel An Activity

View How-To Cancel An Activity with screenshots OR follow the directions listed below:

  1. Visit our online registration site:
  2. Sign in to your online account under Member Login.
  3. Under the My Account tab, select Cancellations.
  4. Select the booking you would like to cancel from the records list.
  5. Confirm that is the booking you would like to cancel and continue.
  6. Select Proceed to Checkout. On the following screen select Continue.