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About Year Round Swim Team

Year Round Swim Team is a competitive swim team for youth designed to prevent early sport specialization in swimming. Swimmers will be consistently taught FUNdamentals of swimming, while be exposed to the sport of Water Polo and Lifesaving. Swimmers will compete at in-house swim meets and/or Novatech events.

The Year Round Swim Team is comprised of these age groups:

  • Freshman | Ages 8 and under
    Prerequisite: Completed Swimmer 5 or Swim Kids 6, comfortable in the water, can swim 2 x 25m front and back crawl, have a basic flutter kick and some understanding of whip kick.
  • Sophomore
    Prerequisite: Able to dive into the pool, attempt all 4 strokes, swim 10 minutes continuous approximately 400m, follow the coach’s directions and have a good understanding of practice structure. This group begins competing at Nova Tech levels. Swimmers in this group compete participation and Level 1 at Nova Tech swim meets with a 100 IM time under 3:00.
  • Junior
    Prerequisite: Able to swim continuous for 15 minutes approximately 900 meters, swim 200 IM, perform all 4 strokes properly, dive entry, follow coach’s directions and have a good understanding of practice structure and lane etiquette. These swimmers compete in Level 2 at Nova Tech swim meets with a 200IM time under 4:45, 50 kick under 1:10 and are capable of swimming 200 freestyle with flip turns.
  • Senior
    Prerequisite: Able to swim continuous for 20 minutes, swim 200 IM, perform all 4 strokes with legal swim meet technique and starts and turns, follow coach’s directions and have a good understanding of practice structure and lane etiquette. At least 1 year swim team experience with competitions. Knowledge of pace times and how to use a pace clock. Knowledge of practice structure, able to work independently from written set and warm up. Able to swim all four strokes with turns from a dive start legally. Able to complete poolside activation with minimal guidance. These swimmers are completing Nova Tech Level 2 and beginning age group level competitions. 200IM under 4:00, 200 Freestyle under 3:45.

2020-2021 Training & Competition Schedule

The Year Round Swim Team runs from September 21st-June 13th. Start and end dates may vary slightly depending on group. Further details will be communicated by the coach.

2020-2021 Fees

Program fees cover coaching; a training schedule which may include dryland, yoga, swimming, water polo and lifesaving sport training; equipment costs and Swim Nova Scotia fees. Also, all Swim Academy participants on the Year Round Swim Team receive a 12-month Canada Games Centre membership.

As part of registration, swimmers will have a Swim Nova Scotia fee based on age on September 1st:

Ages 8U: $82
Ages 9-10: $92
Ages 11+: $112

  • Freshman: Fall fee $295.00 | Bi-weekly fee $36.35 (20 payments) | Down payment at registration $72.70
  • Sophomore: Fall fee $442.00 | Bi-weekly fee $54.55 (20 payments) | Down payment at registration $109.10
  • Junior: Fall fee $534 | Bi-weekly fee $69.50 (20 payments) | Down payment at registration $131.80
  • Senior: Fall fee $737 | Bi-weekly fee $90.90 (20 payments) | Down payment at registration $181.80

Add-on membership options are available for family members of the CGCSA participant.

2020-2021 Registration

Additional registration information including cancellation policy and transfer between groups.

CGCSA & Sport For Life

The Year Round Swim Team is aligned with the Fundamentals and Learn to Trains stages of the S4L Long-Term Athlete Development. Click to learn more about CGCSA and S4L.

What’s the difference between Year Round Swim Team and Summer Swim Team?

The Year Round Swim Team is an annual program that trains and competes September to June, whereas the Summer Swim Team is only eligible to compete during the summer season, but offers off-season training for the rest of the year. Annual programs include a 12-month CGC membership for the participant and an option for dryland and yoga training.