About Lifesaving Sport Team

Lifesaving Sport Team will introduce participants to the sport of lifesaving, while providing them with training opportunities to attend lifesaving competitions throughout the year. Throughout the year, specially trained Lifesaving Coaches will concentrate on developing each swimmer’s strength, power, and endurance. Participants will also focus on swim technique and expanding their skills into other aquatic sports. Lifesaving Sport Team participants register for the annual program.

For ages 8 and up.

Pre-requisites for Lifesaving Sport Team: Completed Swimmer 8/Ranger or Swimmer 9/Star, feel comfortable in deep water, dive into the pool, swim 10 minutes continuous and follow coach’s directions.

CGCSA & Sport For Life

The Lifesaving Sport Team is aligned with the Fundamentals and Learn to Trains stages of the S4L Long-Term Athlete Development. Click to learn more about CGCSA and S4L.