Group Inclusion Swim Lessons

We’re excited to offer an increased level of inclusion programming for kids wishing to join group swim lessons. By providing an additional instructor, kids are supervised one-on-one within a group lesson and given support to participate in group activities. Where needed, instructor will introduce adaptive activities to ensure participant safety.

9 lessons, 35 minutes each
Winter 2020 online registration code 410168
Please refer to the Winter 2020 Registration Dates below.

Group Inclusion Lessons Member Non-Member
Preschool 1 to Swimmer 3 $75.00 $105.00
Swimmer 4 to Swimmer 9 $80.00 $110.00

Please refer to pages 37-39 in the Winter 2020 Program Guide (link below) for swim level descriptions. You will be contacted one week prior to the program start date to confirm your spot. For more information, please contact the Aquatics Program Coordinator at 902-490-2913 or

Private Inclusion Swim Lessons

Scheduled outside of group lesson times and designed to fit into your schedule, Private Inclusion Lessons are a great option for kids needing a completely adaptive program. These lessons are staffed with swim instructors trained to help overcome roadblocks when instructing kids with physical/ cognitive challenges. Incorporating these strategies result in greater swimmer success in a relaxed calm environment.

Each one-on-one session is 30 minutes.

Private Inclusion Lessons Member Non-Member
5 sessions $86.00 $105.50
10 sessions $172.00 $211.00

For more information or to book your sessions, please contact the Aquatics Program Coordinator at 902-490-2913 or

Once you have purchased the lessons, a swim instructor will contact you within 2 to 3 weeks to start your first session.

Winter 2020 Program Guide


Online: November 19th, beginning at 8:00am
In-person: November 21st, beginning at 8:00am

Online: November 26th, beginning at 8:00am
In-person: December 3rd, beginning at 8:00am