• Reminder: Summer Weekend Hours begin June 30th

    Starting Saturday, June 30th, 2018, we will be closing at 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays for the summer. This schedule change will be in effect from Saturday, June 30th through to Sunday, September 2nd. **Please note the change in time and order of the $3 swims on Sunday evenings for the summer: Male Only Swim — changing to 6pm-6:50pm and Female Only Time (Aquatics and Fitness Centre) — changing to 7pm-7:50pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Is there a reduced rate if I just want to swim or go on the Track?

    A: No, but we do offer $3 swims and $3 track through the week. Check out the Aquatics and Field House schedules either at the Customer Service Desk or on this site for the times. Return to top ↑

  2. Q: Why should I bother filling out a comment card? Do you even read them?

    A: The comment cards you write mean a lot to us and help us improve the services and programs that we provide you. All of the comment cards that we receive are reviewed and flagged to the appropriate department. For questions that are asked often we will continue to update this online FAQ and the Comment Card Answers Board located just past the turnstiles opposite the stairs. Return to top ↑

  3. Q: I’m having trouble swiping my membership card, how do I fix that?

    A: Here are some quick and easy steps to fix that: 1) Have your barcode face the Customer Service Desk 2) Swipe your card (not too fast, also if you swipe too many times, the system will time out) 3) Wait for a beep (3-5 seconds) 4) Look for the green light to appear 5) Walk through the turnstile Return to top ↑

  4. Q: How do I find out about closures or cancellations before coming to the CGC?

    A: Make sure to check the red scrolling banners at the top of this website before heading out. We post all cancellations there with as much notice as possible. We also use Facebook and Twitter to get the word out and physical signs are posted near the entrances and appropriate notice boards throughout the Centre. Return to top ↑

  5. Q: What do I do if I’ve lost something?

    A: The CGC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items; however, if something is returned we will place it in the lost and found for up to 48 hours. Contact us ASAP and we’ll do our best to locate your item. Valuable items found are locked in a safe and held for a longer period of time. In order to help prevent losing items, we suggest that you leave all valuable items at home. Return to top ↑

  6. Q: Is there a music-free time in the pool?

    A: Yes there is! Three times a week we offer times in the pool that are music free. Times are as followed: Monday 11am-1pm (adult only) Wednesday 12pm-1pm (adult only) Friday 11am-12:30pm (adult only) Return to top ↑

  7. Q: How do I get through the gates if I have a stroller or wheelchair?

    A: You will need to swipe your card and then either a Gate Monitor or a Customer Service Representative will be happy to open the gate for you. Return to top ↑

  8. Q: Can I bring a stroller on the Track

    A: Yes you can, we love strollers and not just strollers! Strollers, Nordic Poles, wheelchairs and walkers are all allowed on the track during all open track times. When using a stroller, children must stay in the stroller or within arms’ reach of the parent or guardian. Return to top ↑

  9. Q: Is there a CGC cell phone policy?

    A: When you are using the Centre we ask that your cell phone stays put away for the privacy and safety of yourself and others. Should you need to use your phone, you are free to do so in the front lobby, outside the Fitness Centre, or outside the change rooms. Return to top ↑

  10. Q: What is the CGC policy on scents and how is it enforced?

    A: The CGC is a Scent Aware Environment, however, as you can understand, enforcing this policy can be difficult. We have posted signs in the appropriate areas. We suggest you minimize scent usage for an enjoyable workout for all. Return to top ↑

  11. Q: Why does the new Fitness equipment not have fans?

    A: The manufacturer of these machines didn't include fans due to hygiene concerns. There was an issue of dust blowing back on users' faces. The fans were excluded to keep you safe and not experience any discomfort through your workout. Return to top ↑

  12. Q: I am experiencing dizziness while using the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) machines, why is that?

    A: The manufacturers assume that the dizziness is caused by using the AMT machines incorrectly. If that is the case, and you are experiencing dizziness, please ask one of our Fitness Centre staff to help you use the machine correctly, so you can get an adequate and safe workout. Return to top ↑